Sunday 13 December 2015

The Clothes Show, 2015

I'd never been to the Clothes Show before and I was so excited to go this year - a 6am wake up call followed by a McDonalds breakfast, floral culottes and a long drive up the motorway. When we got there we picked up our press passes and made our way into the crowds of people.

If you've never been to the clothes show, picture this: a market place of sorts, full of discounted clothes, make-up, accessories and the odd bit of home-ware. There's a complete mixture of bigger brands such as Barry M, Paul's Boutique and Nanshy, tucked in alongside little brands like Alice Takes A Trip, Vendula and quirky little vintage stalls. Universities have stands, too, advertising their fashion courses and you can even get your teeth whitened. There's some extortionate food places, the odd celebrity appearance and the crowning glory - the fashion theatre.

We didn't buy much, mainly because we're all skint, but I did get 3 glossy mags for two quid which is an absolute bargain, and we had some photos taken in a little hippy van with crazy accessories. We mooched around, talked to some people and admired some particularly gorgeous jeans with teddy bear faces on the back pockets.

The fashion theatre was an amazing experience; we had a brilliant view, and Alice Levine was hilarious as ever and wearing a gorgeous floral dress. Charli XCX sang that Boom Clap song, although I'm pretty sure she was lip syncing but whatever because she looked banging. There were seven themed 'walks' - Dark, Earth, Underwater, Rebel, Red, Future, and Pure. Each started with a dance performance, followed by the models showing off some beautiful outfits to fit with each theme. It was just an all-round stunning event, and it didn't drag on because all of the looks were so different.

For a trade show, which it is, nothing was a particularly good deal - in previous years, you've been able to choose (for example) 10 W7 products for £10. This year it was 5 items for your tenner, and you were given them at random. So while you're still saving money, it's not exactly a lot. It was nice to see more and more small brands, though, because it's so interesting to see what you can get if you look a little further than Topshop.

All in all, it was a good day - thanks to the guys at the Clothes Show for letting me tag along and experience what the show has to offer!

Did you go to the Clothes Show this year, or have you been before? Let me know your thoughts!

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