Thursday 1 October 2015

Why Romance? - The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett // book tour

Today's post is a little different - my blog is one stop on the virtual book tour for The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett, by Scottish-based authour Raven McAllan. It's a romance novel, full of scandal (as the name would suggest), sex and secrets...

In her own words, then, here's just why Raven McAllan writes romance...

Why Romance?

The most obvious answer is, why not. But that’s a cop out. It’s because whatever anyone says, a most important part of life.
Evidently more romance books are sold than any other genre, and if that’s true, it backs my statement up.
Romance matters to all of us, even the most diehard ‘bah humbug’. To them it’s in a negative way, but even so…it matters.
I love they way you can pick up a romance book and forget all the nasties of the world. Just get lost in other peoples lives. Oh you accept they’ll have problems and angst, but you also know they’ll end up happy.
To be able to write that, and at the end know people give a happy sigh is perfect. If they enjoy everything from the start to the finish, want to slap the ‘baddy’ or cry over the way the heroine falls deeply in love and the hero fights it—or whatever, that’s even better.
In romance there’s something for everyone.
Think of all the sub genres. Historical eras like Regency, or Vikings. Shifters, vampires, cowboys…the list is endless. And each and every one has a love story just waiting to be told.
I’ve got a list of what I want to write. And that list gets longer by the day.
This story, The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett is a Regency Romance.
Those few years in history fascinate me. Of course we write about the mainly nicer bits (or I do) but it’s so much fun to research and see how the upper class ladies and gentlemen behaved out of the public eye.
And boy, it wasn’t all politeness and perfection far from it.
Romance wasn’t always involved in a marriage, but it would generally creep in somewhere.
And it always does in my books.
Because I’m proud to be able to say, I write romance.

Are you a lover of romance novels? Pick up Raven McAllan's latest novel here and let me know your thoughts!
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