Monday 10 August 2015

The questions you shouldn't be asking...

I was thinking recently about Kylie Jenner - read, I was stalking her Instagram which is an almost daily occurrence for me - and it got me thinking about whether she has or hasn't had any forms of plastic surgery. The comments under her selfies were all SO intrusive, and most of them were pretty rude. Girls all over Twitter, her age and a lot older, constantly go on about her lips/boobs/everything else and they all seem so angry about it. Why does it matter?

Personally I believe that any form of surgery is a choice; it's something that you don't rush into, and it's something you do because YOU want to. It affects you and you only - it doesn't affect your friends, your family or your partner because if someone doesn't love you for who you are and support your decisions, then they're not worth having in your life. That's not to say someone should agree with 100% of everything you do; but if it's something that won't harm anybody and it's something that will make you happier or more confident then support goes a long way.

Women in the media are forced into this constant struggle to find a middle ground: you can't care too much about your looks, but make sure you're gorgeous AT ALL TIMES, but not too gorgeous because come on that's just unrealistic, but really if you step out of your house with no make up on that's just unacceptable so prepare to be ridiculed, but honestly why is your self esteem so low?! Imagine if that was your life - it's exhausting.

Kylie Jenner never asked to be a role model - and correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard her say that surgery is the be all and end all, nor have I ever heard her advise young girls to do the same. She isn't harming anyone, and if it makes her feel more confident next to her older sisters then so what? It literally doesn't affect you, so why is it okay for anyone to slag her off for getting lip fillers? Why is it okay for males and females alike to constantly berate her about how she got her lips like that, to only then kick off when they know the truth?

This post wasn't intended to be a mass defence of Kylie J, but I think the way the media treats women is disgusting as it is so when it spills over into every day people kicking off about her or anybody else on social networks, it's pathetic. It doesn't impact on your life in any way, shape or form so next time you feel the need to make nasty or intrusive comments about the choices of other women - or men for that matter - just don't.


  1. I totally agree! If you want to have something done to your body, than that's their choice.It doesn't affect me or any other normal person in the general public. It only bugs me when it comes out of the tax payers money x

    1. ohhhh coming out of tax payers money is a whole other story when it's for vanity! x

  2. I don't think half the time it's about her actually having surgery (lip fillers etc) it's about her age. It should not be allowed for people under the age of 21 to get any form of cosmetic surgery done as their body is still developing. She was 16/17 when she had fillers (and the supposed boob job) which is far too young for anyone, no matter how mature, to be having this done. Tattoos require the person to be 18, and it should be the same for any form of body modification. I couldn't care less what she has had done, it's more that she has been allowed to at her young age.

    I agree that it's disgusting for the media to be so hateful in one breath, then post about how it's wrong for her to show so much skin when she is under age... Make up their bloody minds.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  3. I completely agree, I hate how people can be so horrible and the media. Great Post!