Saturday 8 August 2015

That's welllll Lush // a haul

If you go on the internet like EVER, you'll know that Lush have opened a brand new store on Oxford Street in that there London town. It has 3 floors, one map and over 200 exclusive products. Blimey. For months I've been drooling over pictures of soap made from paper and brand new bath bombs, simultaneously working out if I can afford to go down to London just for a visit to Lush. I'd probably go to Five Guys while I was there, make it a bit more worthwhile.

Then came the news that Lush were rolling out some of the most popular products to other stores and boy oh boy was I a happy chappy. I went into Lush Liverpool yesterday (if you're ever nearby, pop in even if it's just for a natter with the amazing staff!) and I nearly hyperventilated when I saw all the new goodies.

I picked up The Experimenter and Milky Bath from the Oxford Street collection, both of which I'm dying to try now I've got my paws on them. I knew I wanted The Experimenter, because it looks sooooo funky, but I wasn't fussed about Milky Bath 'til I smelt it - oh my gawd. It's so clean and fresh and sweet and soft and aaaaahhhh. Plus it's bottle shaped and glittery.

At the till I spotted the Skydancer bath bomb and immediately asked all about it. Lush have a new campaign to help save the endangered Hen Harrier birds/chicks, so the profits from the sales of this bath bomb go to that! It smells delicious, too.

The Comforter is my fave EVER and Sam actually bought this one for me, so thank you little one.

Have you visited the Lush Oxford Street shop? If so, tell me aaalll about it/what you bought etc etc because I'm dying to go! All other Lush product recommendations are always welcome.

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  1. I am dying to go to the London lush shop but haven't been able to go there yet. Also I keep checking my nearest one in Bristol for new products but it's so small so I don't know if they'll be getting any anytime soon :/

    Taylor Mayed

  2. The Oxford Street store is amazing!! If you can ever get down there, I would 110% recommend it! There's different rooms that represent the perfumes for example Sun has a calming beach setting with it's own sandbox and deck chair! I wrote about the products that I brought over on my blog but I highly recommend Intergalactic if you are a glitter fan (smells lovely too), Don't Look At Me face mask because it makes your skin so soft and the new bubbleroons :) xx