Saturday 21 March 2015

Dusty Girls blusher // review


At the beginning of the year, I went to the #nyLDNmeet at a swanky venue in Soho; there was cocktails, selfies and a lot of popcorn. We also got the chance to speak a lovely up and coming brand, MooGoo - they specialise in skin care but they also have a make-up range: Dusty Girls. We got to sample some of their gorgeous products and also choose which ones we'd like to review. At this point, the ranges weren't available in the UK, so I waited eagerly for my chosen products to arrive.

I was so excited when the Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Blush in "Pink Ladies"* came through my door (or rather, when I went to the post office to pick it up...) I swatched it and immediately fell in love. It's soooo pigmented, and it's the perfect peachy-pink with a lovely amount of shimmer that isn't too noticeable on the skin; because let's face it, who wants to look like a glitter ball? Unless you're into that which is totally cool, obv.

The packaging is utterly adorable; it comes in a pink cardboard box, with an apple-related pun on it - I love a good pun - and the actual blusher itself is also in pink and white packaging with the dusty girls logo. It's sturdy and has that satisfying *click* noise when you close it, plus it's semi-clear on top which is just something I personally really like.

I've been using the blusher with my Real Techniques blusher brush and I've found it gives a really nice healthy glow; I'm soooo pale though I have to use the tiniest bit otherwise I look suspiciously clown-like, but this happens with most blushers...

Dusty Girls blusher retails for £15 and is available here. This was a PR sample sent to me for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the packaging! SO cute! I really need to try this brand xx

  2. I received this blush too and I'm loving it! It's such a lovely colour - perfect for spring! x