Saturday 28 March 2015

15 Happy Things

I recently saw Beth do a post on her blog, sharing 20 little things that make her happy and I immediately wanted to do the same. There's nothing like some good old positivity, right? I've kept it to 15, mainly because I'm a misery guts, but I really enjoyed writing this post.

Typical vain smiley happy photo of me...

Watching documentaries // I am such a massive documentary-lover, no matter what the topic is. I just love learning. Sam and I spend most of our time, when we're together, watching documentaries and eating pizza while curled up together. It's wonderful.

Waking up to sunshine // Seeing bright little rays making their way underneath your curtains is such a pretty sight. Days are always a hundred times better when it's sunny, in my opinion.

Hearing your favourite song on the radio // Okay, you could just listen to it on your phone or your laptop but where's the fun in that? When your favourite song comes on the radio, you know that loads of strangers in their cars and in their kitchens are getting to enjoy it too. It's the same when your favourite film is on telly, even though you've got the DVD upstairs.

Buying a new lipstick // A fresh, untouched lipstick. Ahhhh so beautiful. Recently my brother treated me to a new Mac lipstick after he won some money in the casino, and I was literally thrilled. (I got the shade Hot Gossip, if you're wondering...)

Having a nap // Coming in from uni and diving straight under the covers, fully dressed, and snoozing away for an hour or so before getting on with whatever I need to do. Heaven.

Burning scented candles // I know, cliché blogger or what?! But I am a candle lover; I only own one Yankee candle, which is Strawberry Buttercream, and I'm happy with just getting cheap ones from Primark and ASDA. So soothing.

Re-reading your favourite book // I have a few faves, but my #1 is The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd; it never fails to make me happy, and the films is actually pretty good too.

Fresh bedding // I literally just changed my bedding and I feel soooo good about life.

Group chats // My friends and I have a group chat on WhatsApp where we send each other funny photos and share the latest gossip; it's completely cringey but so cute at the same time, plus it means I don't have to miss them too much while I'm away at uni!

Writing poetry // I've always been a poetry lover, and studying creative writing has really reinforced that. I find it so therapeutic to get my thoughts down on paper. You can find some of my poetry at (lil' plug there)

Hello Kitty // I know I'm 19 and not a small child, but I just love Hello Kitty and I genuinely have a massive collection of stuff. One day, I'm going to Japan. Just try and stop me.

Painting your nails // I'm not the best at it, but I really am getting better. I get bored of colours really easily so I paint mine every few days; I'm currently rocking The Lace Is On by Essie, and I'm loving it.

Live music // Gigs are just the best atmosphere ever: you're in a room full of people who have at least one thing in common, and that look on a singer's face when thousands of people are singing their lyrics back to them? Priceless.

New shoes // Typical girl, but there's nothing nicer than a new clean pair of shoes, especially when it feels like you've been wearing the same pair every day for years...

Hearing "I saw this and thought of you..." // When someone buys you something, or records something on TV for you, or sends you a hilarious picture that they know will make you smile, it's just so bloody lovely.


  1. What a nice brother you have! I love reading happy lists and these did make me smile. I'm loving waking up to sunshine now that the days are drawing out, makes me so much more enthusiastic for the day ahead xx

  2. My favourites are waking up to sunshine - love that! and Hearing "I saw this and thought of you" - that moment is so sweet! Really enjoyed reading your list :)

  3. Love this!

  4. These are some really nice happy things! I wish I could wake up to the sun, but alas I'm normally awake before it rises *sigh* But on the weekend it is a great feeling! I love getting new shoes! But only if they don't start hurting my feet after a few hours, I have to be careful with the type I buy. It's why I mainly just buy trainers but I think I should branch off into boots! It will be scary territory for me!

    Lauren :) x

  5. Aww this is adorable! And this was so fun to read because it made me realize how much I love & appreciate some of these :) x