Thursday 4 December 2014

DAILY DECEMBER #4 // Winter beauty essentials

Winter is that time of year when my skin and hair just seem to deteriorate faster than a snowball rolling downhill - so today I'm showing you my favourite products for keeping them in tip top condition (as much as possible, anyway)...

sorry for the hideous lighting

The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory is a lifesaver for me; I find it to be so rich and nourishing without being greasy. Most of the products I use for my eczema leave me feeling like a slime ball, so I like to pop some of this on the areas that aren't too raw, so I smell delicious and feel completely pampered.

The lighting is a bit rubbish so I don't know if you can see what the middle product is - but it's the Vanilla Bliss Hand Cream (last year's Christmas scent) from The Body Shop. Hand creams are a joy for the winter time, because you can pop them in your handbag and keep your hands from drying out during the day when you're out & about. This smells divine, but the Glazed Apple scent this year is even nicer. hint hint, mum...

Last but not least is the Argan Oil hair mask - this is part of the super cheap range that I blogged about here. Everything in the range is fantastic but this is probably my favourite product. With my hair being bleached, it needs all the help it can get so hair masks are a big thing for me in Winter. This one smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling like actual silk. What more could you need?

Those are my winter essentials, what are your's? Let me know on Twitter @katygilroyblog! Head over to Instagram to take part in #thelilacscrapbook December photo challenge too! It's not too late to join in even if you missed the first few days.

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  1. Am I the only teenage girl in the world who's never tried a Soap and Glory body butter?! I'm much more of a Body Shop girl myself!
    Megan x

    1. I think they're a lot different to the body shop ones, I love both though! x