Saturday 27 December 2014

DAILY DECEMBER #27 // Places I've been in 2014

2014 has been one of those years where I've been lucky enough to travel to and visit some amazing places, both in the UK and abroad, so I wanted to put together a post so I could look back on the experiences and the memories I've had. Some of these places I visited with people who are no longer a part of my life, but that doesn't mean I won't look at the times we shared in a positive way and recognise how grateful I am. Scroll down for pictures!

Krakow // This was the first place I visited this year, and if you know me at all then you'll know it is my dream to move here; I've been twice and I'm going back with my mum next year. The city itself is beautiful, with architecture from a range of eras and rich, diverse history. It's fast becoming one of those tourist destinations which is popular with stag groups, which breaks my heart a little bit but I'll never stop loving the city, and hopefully one day that's where I'll be running my blog from!

Brussels // I was lucky enough to go to Brussels as part of my university course, to visit the EU parliament amongst other places. We stayed in the part of the city which has all the posh shops - I could see Tiffany & Co from the hotel. *cries* But we also visited the Grand Place, which is probably what you will have seen if you've seen photos of Brussels, and it is just beautiful.

Marbella // I went here on holiday this summer, and although I was pretty poorly the whole time, it was still a nice break. I don't think I'd go back, but it was nice while I was there. We went to a fantastic safari zoo place, and I got to cuddle a baby goat. Now I want one. Thanks, Spain.

Amsterdam // Ohhhh Amsterdam. I went here with a few friends this Summer after I found a Living Social deal for £40 each - we did have to get an overnight ferry there and back, but I don't get sea sick and there was plenty of entertainment, so I didn't mind. Amsterdam itself is a gorgeous city; unfortunately we were only there for a few hours, so I didn't get to do the things I wanted to like visiting the Anne Frank museum, but it was still a good day, and it's not as expensive as I expected it to be!

Richmond, Yorkshire // I took a day trip here over Easter and absolutely fell in love, if I was to move anywhere in England I think it would be here. It has about 4 streets, a tiny book shop and a castle. It's true when they say some of the most gorgeous views are right here in England.

Newcastle // I couldn't not throw this in even though it's a funny one, I've supported Newcastle since I was tiny (don't ask why, given that I'm from near Liverpool...) and I finally got the chance to visit St James' Park - not for a match, which I still kick myself about, but I could see the pitch through a gate that I definitely wasn't supposed to be stood at, so I'm still happy!

The Bulldog, Amsterdam

The old town in Marbella

St James' Park

Krakow, Poland

Richmond, UK

Brussels, Belgium (a piss-take photo!)

I've been so lucky this year to tick some places off my to-visit list! If you've been anywhere nice this year and blogged about it, leave a link in the comments or tweet me (@katygilroyblog) - I'd love to read all about it. Hope you all had a smashing Christmas x


  1. Your photos all look great, Richmond looks so cute! I've never been and that's terrible considering I live in Yorkshire! Brussels looks beautiful too, I've never been but I went to Brugge and it looks very similar, such wonderful architecture! I only really visited Mexico and London this year, but I'm hoping to travel to lots of new places next year!

    Love Amylou x

    1. You should definitely go to Richmond, even if it's just for an afternoon, it's a gorgeous place! Oooooh Mexico looks amazing I'm so jealous, hoping to go there one day! x