Thursday 18 December 2014

DAILY DECEMBER #18 // 15 things you don't know about me

I thought this would be quite a fun post to put together, letting you guys find out a bit more about the girl behind the blog! I tag literally everyone to do this, not that it's really a tag but ya get me *sassy girl emoji*

1. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty
2. My dream career is to be a successful poet and novelist
3. I'm thoroughly addicted to Pepsi
4. My favourite flower is a Lily
5. When I was younger I wanted to study Forensic Anthropology 
6. I'm scared of pigeons
7. I absolutely adore bees - so much so I have a tattoo of one 
8. I have a secret passion for classic rap/'hip hop' such as Tupac and Eazy-E
9. Puns are my favourite form of humour
10. I have absolutely no artistic talent
11. Looking at pictures of dogs in pyjamas never fails to make me happy
12. I'm a qualified SCUBA diver
13. I don't like bacon and I'm actually ex-veggie
14. I have never used a Lush bath bomb ... please don't hurt me
15. I love to cook but I'm useless at it

Those were my completely uninteresting 15 facts that you probably didn't know about me, I'd love to know what your's are - tweet me if you do this 'tag'! 7 sleeps til Christmaaaaaaasssss! Ps, if you'd like to read any of my poetry, I have a tumblr page where I occasionally post it: - enjoy... 

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