Tuesday 11 November 2014

TVSCB // Chicken and Couscous

I didn't post a recipe last week, and in all honesty that's because I've not really made much lately! I've been living on super noodles, pizzas and not much else (sorry mum) because I've been feeling pretty stressed. But last night I made one of my favourite meals, which is also ridiculously easy to make, so I thought I'd share it with you!


Chicken - I used the frozen pre-cooked chicken breast strips that you can pick up in ASDA, Aldi or Iceland.

Cous Cous - My mum brought me back this really lush couscous from Italy when she was there over Summer, but you can buy it in the pasta aisle of most supermarkets.

Vegetables - Literally whichever veggies you want. Most of these recipes are pretty adaptable!

Let's get cooking…

I start off by cooking the chicken, which you can do in whatever way you want. I stir fry it with some of that low-cal fry-lite spray with loads of mixed herbs and a sprinkle of black pepper, purely because I love the way it tastes when it's cooked this way! Because the chicken is frozen, I always cook it before I start everything else as it takes longer.

I chop my vegetables: my favourites for this meal are peppers and courgettes, as they both taste really nice when stir fried alongside the seasoned chicken. Be careful not to put them in too early otherwise they'll just end up burnt to a crisp…

While the chicken and veg are cooking the kettle has been boiling away, and I cook the couscous which is SO easy to do. You literally only need a tiny bit because it quadruples in density when it's cooked I swear. I put some in a jug along with a tiny bit of the mixed herbs, some salt and pepper and a bit of butter, then pour the boiling water over it. Leave it for a minute while you check the chicken and veg, then stir the couscous to make sure it doesn't all stick together.

When everything's cooked, that's it!

And you're done!

It's such an easy-to-make meal, and it's relatively healthy but it tastes AMAZING. Plus the ingredients are cheap as chips, which is a bonus for every student and much cheaper than a takeaway. Let me know if you make this or anything else I've posted as part of #TVSCB.

Ps, I know I never post photos of the cooking process or the meals I make for this feature - I'd love to, but living in a student house where 4 people make 4 separate meals every meal-time means our kitchen is always a mess, plus the lighting is absolutely dire. Sorry!

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