Sunday 16 November 2014

#APOVGiftSwap // Christmas Gift Swap for Bloggers

I was scrolling down Twitter whilst on my train journey to Leeds this morning when I stumbled across a tweet regarding a blogger Christmas gift swap - I immediately checked out the blog post and entered my details as fast as I could.

The swap has been set up by Viola from A Piece Of Viola - click here to visit her blog! I think it's a fabulous idea as it allows bloggers across the UK to connect with one another, make a new friend and of course, it's an excuse to go shopping. Not that we need excuses, right?

picture taken from Viola's blog

The rules are pretty simple, and the budget you set is up to you. Let us all know over on Twitter if you're planning to take part, using the hashtag #apovgiftswap :) I can't wait to see who I get matched with. I'm not massively excited about Christmas yet, but this has got me feeling a little bit more fuzzy about it.

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  1. I would love to participate in a blogger christmas gift swap. I was paired up with a lovely girl called louise who sent me the most amazing box and a bauble with my name on it. I get nothing with my name on so I was really pleased to see this in there. Her secret santa didn't send her a gift so I sent her one back because her box was really personal and made me smile on Christmas day. Have you received your box yet? What did you get or are you keeping it till christmas day?