Tuesday 14 October 2014

TVSCB - Chicken in Black Bean // Recipe

I recently introduced a new feature on my blog: The Virtual Student Cook Book, or TVSCB for short. The aim is to share the recipes I've picked up through my first year-and-a-bit of university, that are quick and easy as well as actually being nice. Today it's a chicken in black bean sauce stir-fry, which is my ultimate favourite.


Chicken - I buy bags of frozen, ready-cooked chicken as it means you don't need to defrost it, and as it's already cooked there's no chance of food poisoning! It's also pretty cheap and can be picked up in the likes of Asda and Tesco, as well as Aldi.

Black Bean Sauce - You can buy this in jars or sachets: one sachet is enough for one person and you can grab them for 29p each in Home Bargains.

Vegetables - It's up to you what veg you put in; I like to have peppers, onions and courgettes, all of which can be found in Aldi or at fruit & veg shops for really cheap. You could add mushrooms, carrots or celery too.

Dried Noodles - These are also available in Home Bargains for around 60p, which gets you 4 'nests' - one nest is enough for one person, and once you've opened the packet they last forever: they're essentially the same as pasta! (you can get them in all the supermarkets too)

Let's get cooking...

I take a frying pan or wok and put some oil in, and some herbs/seasoning if I fancy a bit of extra flavour, although this isn't necessary. The chicken goes in first, as being frozen it needs a bit longer to cook.

While that's cooking, I chop my vegetables and boil the kettle ready for the noodles, which only take a few minutes to cook.

When the chicken has been sizzling for a while I add the vegetables, stirring them to make sure nothing gets stuck to the pan.

After a while I put the noodles on to cook, and once they're done I add them to the wok/frying pan so that they can 'stir fry'. I add the sauce too so it can heat through - and voila.

And you're done...

It's literally as easy as it - and it tastes amazing, although it looks pretty gross which is why I haven't included a photo. Naughty blogger. Don't shoot me. You might want to open the kitchen door or the windows when you're cooking to avoid the smoke alarm going off, and don't put the heat on too high as this can lead to burning the food while simultaneously leaving it uncooked. Hope you enjoy!

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