Sunday 12 October 2014

My Pamper Routine // Uni Edition

I do love a good pamper - now that I'm back at uni, I don't have a bath, so my pamper routine is a lot different to what it would be while I'm at home. A warm shower and my fluffy dressing gown have replaced the days of bubbled-filled bath tubs!

To start my pamper nights off I light some candles in my room; I currently have some gorgeous tea lights from Primark, they're green but I can't for the life of me work out or remember what the scent is - BUT THEY ARE DELICIOUS. I also have a Strawberry Buttercream Yankee Candle which my boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day; still going strong as I'm scared to waste it!

I take off my make up if I've been wearing any (I'm currently using the Simple toner on a cotton pad, followed by a make up wipe (naughty I know! Brackets within brackets, who does that?) and a splash of warm water) and then it's onto a face mask. These are my favourite things EVER and I don't do them enough. I usually use a Montagne Jeunesse one, but recently I tried a black one from Pilaten which I loved.

I then put on a DVD or some YouTube videos on my laptop while I allow the face mask to do it's job for 15-20 minutes. After I've washed it off, I apply my moisturiser - I'm currently using the Manuka Doctor Restoring Night Cream which is just lush.

After that it's on to my nails; I take off whatever I've currently got on, then smother my hands with Vanilla Bliss hand cream from The Body Shop. If my nails need extra TLC, I'll file and buff them before painting them a beautiful colour from my excessive collection. Depending on whether I have a night out coming up, I do my toes too because nobody likes ugly feet, right?

So that's my term-time pamper routine; not the most extravagant but when you're sharing a bathroom with near-strangers, it's the best you can do! What does your pamper routine involve? Tell me over on Twitter, @katygilroyblog

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