Sunday 6 July 2014

The Kasbah, Liverpool

Today I went out for my post-birthday lunch with my boyfriend; we were shopping in Liverpool and when we decided to break for lunch we couldn't decide where to go. After wandering around for a while we took a walk up Bold Street (basically where Liverpool Central train station is if you're not too familiar with the city), and noticed The Kasbah on our right.

The Kasbah is a Moroccan cafe/bazaar which serves authentic Moroccan food and drinks, as well as shisha in the evening. The food is absolutely delicious - I had a falafel and hummus sandwich on Moroccan bread which came accompanied by a side-salad, and Moroccan lemonade which has lime and mint in it. Soooooo nice. My boyfriend got the meatball and cheese sandwich, which tastes exactly how meat does in countries like Turkey, and presumably Morocco as well but I've never been there. We got a side of chips to share as well but I don't really think we needed them because the sandwiches were definitely filling enough!

It's reasonably priced at The Kasbah with our whole meal coming to less than £15. The service is quite slow, which was the only downside of our visit, but the staff are all so friendly and you can see everything being prepared in the open bar-style kitchen. Also, all the furniture (like the beautiful lamps and stuff) are for sale. Amazing.

If you're in Liverpool it's definitely worth paying a visit to The Kasbah if you're feeling adventurous and peckish at the same time, I would absolutely recommend it, 100%.

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