Wednesday 9 July 2014

Tammy / Film Review

Melissa McCarthy is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses; Bridesmaids and The Heat are already two films that I adore, so when the boyfriend and I decided to go to the cinema, I knew that her new film, Tammy, was what I wanted to see.

Not only does Melissa McCarthy star in the film, she also co-wrote and co-produced it. Girl power. It's one of those films which is so easy to watch, and there are so many little jokes along the way. Melissa McCarthy plays the protagonist, Tammy, who gets fired/cheated on (spoiler alert) in the same day, so takes off on a road trip with her alcoholic grandmother. There's obvious tension between the two of them, but throughout the movie they sort themselves out - with some hilarious disasters ensuing.

It's the sort of film that I think anyone can enjoy; while Bridesmaids was obviously more of a typical 'chick-flick', Tammy appeals to a lot people through the different characters portrayed in the film. There's a lot of strong language, so it's suitably rated at a 15. It really shows of McCarthy's talents as both an actress and a writer, which is something I think can be difficult.

I'd definitely recommend Tammy if you want a nice easy-going film full of belly-laughs.

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