Tuesday 7 May 2024

My April 2024 reads

April (and the beginning of May) was a much better reading month for me, and I got through quite a few good books. I thought I'd share them with you and let you know what I thought! A few of these were NetGalley ARCs, so they're only available now on pre-order, just FYI.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

This is a really cult thriller, and I actually consumed this as an audiobook - it's a format I'm still getting used to, but I love listening while I'm in the bath or tidying my room or weeding the patio. And in regards to this book, I thought it was good; a lot of characters, who got slightly lost within the story but all had such depth to them. The story was full of twists, turns, secrets and surprises as well as a really dark undertone. If you like thrillers then I'd recommend giving it a go, just because it's SO popular! Buy The Paris Apartment.

Better Left Unsent by Lia Louis

I absolutely adore Lia Louis and this book was no exception. It follows receptionist Millie, who has been diligently keeping any and all complaints or snarky comments in her email drafts where they stay hidden until one day, they don't... With all her secrets spilled out to the entire company, and her friends and family, Millie is understandably shaken. The book follows the aftermath of all this as she navigates cleaning up the mess, falling in love, and deepening some incredible friendships. READ THIS BOOK. Buy Better Left Unsent.

Last Call for Love by Rebekah Crane

I have read so so so many Rebekah Crane YA books, and when I saw this on NetGalley my fingers were on that request button SO quick. Not actually a YA, it's set on a tiny Irish island and features two pubs at war - as a frequent pub dweller, I love books set in pubs so this thrilled me from the get go. Maeve, reeling from finding out her estranged biological father has left her a pub, and Briggs - grieving his own father, running his own pub - are such wonderfully well-rounded and interesting characters, and the enemies to lovers plot was truly *chefs kiss*. There's just a lot of fun in this charming tale and I can't wait to re-read it... Pre-order Last Call for Love.

Enemies to Lovers by Laura Jane Williams

One of my favourite tropes, I was excited for this one - and it didn't let me down. Set on a beautiful Greek island it follows Flo (recovering from a breakdown) on a family holiday, which should be the perfect chance to relax but is immediately spoiled by the arrival of her brother's best friend, Jamie, who she hates. Obviously. He's her enemy. No awards for guessing whether or not they fall in love... A little predictable, perhaps, but the spoiler is literally in the title. And I ate it up like a big fat gyros. Highly recommend. Pre-order Enemies to Lovers.

Nosy Neighbours by Freya Sampson

This one took me a fair while to get through, but ultimately I really liked it. A nice, fun British novel about a wayward girl (Kat) who returns to the town she grew up in, hoping nobody will notice her, and takes a room in an apartment block on the brink of being sold off and torn down. The neighbours all have their own stories and secrets, but the main focus is on Kat and long-term resident Dorothy Darling. As they band together to save the building, everything comes tumbling out and they end up helping each other more than they could imagine... A very sweet read! Buy Nosy Neighbours.

A British Girl's Guide to Hurricanes and Heartbreak by Laura Taylor Namey

I absolutely love a bit of YA and this was great - from a quaint city in England to the coast of Miami, we join Flora as she decides what the hell she wants to do with her life while grieving her mum, figuring out how she really feels about her best friend, learning a new skill and getting ready for a friend's wedding. It had me laughing and crying, and I loved the blend of British and Cuban culture throughout. A really fun YA pick, if you're in the market. Buy A British Girl's Guide to Hurricanes and Heartbreak.

Side note I just learned that this is actually a sequel - the first book is called A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow which is actually about Flora's brother and the Cuban girl *he* falls in love with. It's being turned into a movie featuring Heartstopper fave, Kit Connor. So that's VERY exciting.

The Baby Plan by Emma Bennet

This is a family-focused romance, set in Brighton, following high-flyer accountant Sophie. She goes from not even knowing she had a niece, to grieving the death of her sister and suddenly having to play the role of parent - alongside the baby's dad, who also didn't know about the baby until just now. As they figure out their new normal, with plenty of ups & downs, they find there might be something more to their relationship than co-parenting... A fairly standard but nevertheless enjoyable romance! Buy The Baby Plan.

The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy

This is the first Elle Kennedy book I've actually finished, having DNF'd another of hers last year. But I just loved this one - a fake relationship trope, hot people, pool parties, a LOT of spice, dancing, college, it had everything I love in a romance and if you're into any of that, pick it up asap. Pre-order The Dixon Rule.

The Perfect Guest by Ruth Irons

Let me start by saying I HATED the narrator - so so so unlikeable, and this made it quite difficult to read. The premise of the thriller (woman stays at a holiday home, becomes obsessed with the people who own it, infiltrates their life) is actually really good, I just wasn't totally sold on anybody in it. I know the main character is supposed to be a bit of a 'weirdo', but god she was infuriating. On that basis I probably wouldn't recommend but if you're someone who can get past annoying narrators then go for it... Pre-order The Perfect Guest.

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