Friday 23 February 2024

My MI-free and BoP-free make up wishlist

Okay, very niche post but I'm sure there will be other people stuck in the same position as me: just been diagnosed with weird allergies, not sure where to go from here, and feeling frustrated. I recently had some patch testing done on the NHS and it came up with two main allergies. These are methylisothiazolinone and Balsam of Peru, and these two pesky things are in a lot of make up and beauty/personal care products - and I mean a lot! I've been using the SkinSAFE app/site to scan and search products to see if they contain either of these allergens. The app is really useful and I will do a whole post about it at some point, but for now here's my MI-free and Balsam of Peru-free make up wishlist!

I've tried to put together a full face of make up for those with a methylisothiazolinone allergy, which encompasses a range of brands. So none of these products contain Balsam of Peru or methylisothiazolinone, meaning they are 'safe for me' and hopefully for those of you reading this blog post who share my silly little allergies!

MI-free face make up

For primer I opted for the NYX Angel Veil - the primer I was using isn't safe, but this one is. I've not heard much about it, but I'm definitely going to try it as I find primer to be an absolute necessity for wearing make up with my dry skin. It's more of a nice budget option too, as a lot of MI-free make up is from high end brands.

For foundation I've chosen the Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation & Concealer, which I've heard very good things about. I don't think I've ever tried any Clinique make up before, not off the top of my head anyway, and this looks like a really lovely foundation. It's high end, but then again I've always found I get on better with more expensive foundations. Just the way it is!

I need a concealer too, and Bobbi Brown have quite a lot of MI-free make up including their Skin Full Cover Concealer - it's £30 which is a bit 'yikes' but they have loads of shades and also it's supposed to be really full coverage, as the name suggests.

For both bronzer and blusher I've opted for Charlotte Tilbury, which is a favourite brand of mine anyway. The bronzer looks a lovely cool tone, so it's perfect for contouring, and the blushers are just really nice - I do already have one of these, but it's a few years old so definitely needs replacing. Of course, they're on the pricier side: but they do last a long time!

I've popped in a really budget-friendly highlighter, which is this £4 Revolution 'highlight reloaded'. I adore this champagne shade, which (I've learned over time) this is definitely the highlight colour that tends to suit me best and work with my skin tone. Loveeeee.

MI-free eye & lip make up

I don't wear eyeliner and I've absolutely forgotten to include a brow product, but for mascara I've gone for the Benefit Bad Gal Bang Waterproof Mascara. Another higher end option, but I've heard great things about it and there aren't loads of MI-free mascaras available in the UK.

In terms of eyeshadow, I found that a few of the palettes I own are actually safe and MI-free, which is great! But I wanted to include one here, and I've opted for the Nude Mood palette from ColourPop - a brand I've used and enjoyed in the past. This is a nice small palette so it would be great for travel, too, and I like that there's a mix of mattes and shimmers. These are around £22 to buy in the UK but if you're planning a trip to the USA, you can grab them for about $14 over there.

Finally I've added in a lip product, and this is the the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in the shade Uncuffed, which is definitely my kind of nudey pink shade. I've tried some Fenty products in the past and really liked them, although these lipsticks are £22 (!!) which is a bit pricey...

And there you have it - a full face of MI-free and Balsam of Peru (BOP)-free make up. If you've tried any of these products let me know, or if you have a BOP or methylisothiazolinone allergy then let me know *your* favourite products in the comments below.

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