Friday 15 December 2023

Copenhagen diaries: day 4

I recently realised that I never got around to writing about our final day in Copenhagen; we had an evening flight home, so we got pretty much a full day at the end of our trip which was lovely! Here's what we got up to, including two of my favourite things to do in Copenhagen...

After a final hotel breakfast, we checked out and stored our luggage before making our way to the bus stop - this was the first time we'd actually used the bus on this trip, and we were able to use the city pass on the DOT app for these journeys too. Our destination? Copenhagen Zoo, which I booked on before we travelled. I don't often go to the zoo on holiday as we live fairly close to Chester Zoo, which is brilliant, but I absolutely had to visit Copenhagen Zoo as they have pandas!

My aunty is obsessed with pandas and has seen them across the world; I also work for a brand called Panda, so they're a pretty big part of my life. I'd never seen on in real life before and I was soooo excited to do so. They didn't disappoint - big, fluffy, lazy, adorable things. We went to see them first before exploring a variety of other animals as well as the petting zoo. As zoos go, this one is large and clean, and the animals all looked well taken care of and happy. You can even have lunch 'with' the pandas, although this is quite expensive so we didn't bother but you'd get a fantastic view of them if you did.

A zoo is a zoo, so there's frankly not much more to say, but we did really enjoy it and the weather was beautifully sunny. It's the perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a nice day, especially if you're visiting Copenhagen with kids. When we left, we headed across the road to the beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens - it looks absolutely stunning, and we were ready to enjoy a lovely mooch around.

However, no sooner had we entered the park than I got a phone call - I had booked to do a sea plane ride in the afternoon, and they wanted to see if I could come along for the earlier flight as there weren't enough bookings for the time slot I'd chosen. Of course I said yes (lest I have to miss out!) and we hot footed it from here to the Langelinie area on the bus and metro.

I checked in and then it was time for my first ever sea plane ride; I'm a bit of a transport nerd and having never done one before, I was really excited to have the chance. The ride costs £90 per person although they did kindly offer me a 50% media discount, so a huge thank you to Nordic Seaplanes for that. This was an absolutely amazing experience and I'd highly recommend it for a birds eye view of beautiful Copenhagen! The plane is super small and you can see right into the cockpit, and all in all the journey took around half an hour including taxiing through the water and the flight, then landing back into the water. Genuinely a mesmerising and really exciting way to see the city - you fly right over towards Malmö so I saw the bridge we'd crossed the day before too.

After my flight, we stayed in the area and visited a sort of artisan food shop which was right nearby - it's called Løgismose, where Kate got a sandwich and I got a massive bag truffle crisps. We sat outside and I showed her all of my videos from the sea plane ride over Copenhagen. Then it was time to move on, and when I opened my maps app to see how to get back to the city centre I noticed we could get the ferry!

Again, I'm a transport nerd and Kate loves a ferry, plus the little yellow ferries are again included in the city pass on the DOT app. So we decided why not - it's yet another vantage point to see the city, so we jumped on with a few commuters and made the short journey across the water to beautiful, colour Nyhavn. We decided this time to walk down the opposite side and see Hans Christian Andersen's house, then we stopped for a quick (but expensive) drink. 

Then it was time to head back to the hotel, where we had the chance to charge our phones, freshen up a bit, grab our luggage and have another can of coke each with our vouchers for not getting our towels changed each day. We got the metro back to the airport, and it was time to go home after another amazing adventure.

The zoo is definitely a great one if you want to see pandas or have little ones with you, and if you want to treat yourself and see Copenhagen from up high then the sea plane is well worth doing it. The yellow ferries are an absolute must in my opinion, especially as they're technically public transport making them a really affordable way to travel on water in Denmark's capital!

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