Monday 4 December 2023

AD: Stocking Fillers with Wicked Uncle

Christmas is creeping closer and I've been loving sharing my gift guides - and I've got another one for you today! Wicked Uncle are an online toy shop where you can buy gifts for kids of all ages, from babies through to teenagers, making you the favourite family member - honorary or otherwise. I've selected some brilliant stocking fillers from them, which I'll talk you through today...

Sugar Mice

Starting off with a 3-pack of sugar mice - sweets are a must when it comes to stocking fillers, and these are something a bit different to your usual selection box or bag of Haribo. These are super cute and traditional, and for £3.99 they make the perfect thoughtful gift for a stocking. They're raspberry and pineapple flavour, so super sweet and tasty.

David Walliams Awful Auntie's Wonderfully Witty Word Games

My nephew loves David Walliams' books, and I thought this would be the perfect stocking filler for him - however it's definitely aimed more at younger kids, which is fine as I have plenty of those in my life too. It's a well made gift in terms of the physical quality of the cards, and it's something we can all join in with over the Christmas period. I'm taking my nephew to see the stage show of this specific book next year, and if you have tickets too then this would be the perfect stocking filler gift to go with them!

The House of Riddles - Exit Game

I absolutely love escape rooms, and the fact you can now get games to play at home that resemble that excitement is so cool; this is a game full of riddles and challenges which takes around 1-2 hours, and is perfect for the older kids in your life. It's something you can only play once, but it's the perfect gift for someone who loves using their brain and enjoys playing games with friends/family. I'm SO excited for this one, which we are actually keeping for ourselves! At £16.95, it's the ideal stocking filler in my opinion.

Hair Accessories - 4 Stacking Tins

For my little goddaughter Ivy, who is 4, I picked up these stacking tins for storing hair accessories - she's got gorgeous curly hair and I thought these would be the perfect addition to her bedroom (and her mum loves organisation so this will go down well for sure!). They're great quality, so cute and colourful, and can fit a good amount of bits in. At £12.99 they make a great stocking filler for girly girls.

I absolutely love Wicked Uncle; their website is easy to order from and you can get everything gift wrapped too, as well as cards and gift notes if need be. Perfect for sending goodies to the little ones in your life that you don't see as often. Their price points are really decent, and it's a brilliant way to support a family-run business. Highly recommend if you're shopping for stocking fillers for kids this Christmas!

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