Tuesday 21 November 2023

Christmas 2023: miscellaneous gifts

I've been sharing some incredible Christmas gift ideas here on The Lilac Scrapbook, covering home and beauty so far with more to come. I also wanted to share some other great gift ideas that don't necessarily fit into any of these categories, but still make fantastic Christmas presents. Most of these are catered towards my interests in particular, so just think of them as general product reviews - but if you know anyone who's into similar things that I am, you might get some good ideas...

Literary Emporium*

One thing I'm really into is Shakespeare/reading/literature. I couldn't be more obsessed with this Ophelia t-shirt from the Shakespeare's Heroines collection from Literary Emporium, which I've worn *loads* - it's stayed really good quality, wash after wash, and it's so soft and comfy. I love pairing it with 'mom' jeans and Docs for a casual/chilled outfit. There are a few different designs to choose from, and they're subtle but very cool. I also got a gorgeous 'Beatrice' Much Ado About Nothing pin, which I wear allll the time on different tops/shirts/jackets etc. Love love love - everything is great quality and there's loads to choose from, including Jane Austen, Greek mythology, dystopian lit and more...

Xander Kostroma*

I've definitely been getting more into jewellery this year, and I'm loving my new Black Obsidian necklace from Xander Kostroma; it's so dainty and pretty but you can tell how well made it is! Everything is handmade in small batches, making it even more special, and this came beautifully packaged making it the perfect Christmas gift. I don't know much about crystals and stones personally, but here's some more information about Black Obsidian:

🖤 it is a truth-enhancing stone
🖤 it is a protective stone
🖤 it stimulates growth & opens new horizons
🖤 it brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion
🖤 it can dissolve emotional blockages

I would definitely recommend Xander Kostroma if you're looking for some affordable but really special handmade jewellery as a Christmas gift this year!


These are literally the cutest Christmas gifts for pretty much anyone, and would make the perfect stocking fillers - they're little matchboxes filled with wildflower seed balls. You get a pack of three, each containing 6 balls of around 30 seeds, for £9 - and they say Happy Christmas on them which is super cute. I can't wait to use them, and this is how they recommend to do so:

Throw onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter in Spring or Autumn, leaving at least 10cm between each ball. Your Seedball has everything it needs to grow and, once the ball becomes moist and the temperature is right, your seeds will germinate!

Barefoot Coaching*

This one is super random, but I think they're a good idea; these Coaching Cards are a great alternative to paying for an actual coach of some sort, and can be really helpful in terms of bringing some balance to your life (and your family's life), reducing stress, working through emotions and more. Perfect for the person into your life who's really into all that good stuff, and the cards themselves are really good quality (they won't rip or anything) with some interesting questions etc.


Pinch me! I'm over the moon to be working with Pandora on the gift guide, because you simply cannot go wrong with a Pandora bracelet or charm as a gift; it's something that keeps on giving, because you can then buy new charms for every occasion. I absolutely adore mine; I opted for the silver bracelet with a rose gold clasp, and I'm aiming to only add rose gold charms to it. Brilliant quality, not extortionately expensive, really pretty. Definitely a winner!

House of Hetty*

If you know me, I'm aaalll about the statement earrings - and I love anything country & western themed. These cowboy/cowgirl boot earrings are EVERYTHING and they get soooo many compliments. Made of clay, they're just super pretty and I love having two different colourways to choose from. Hetty's shop has all sorts of polymer clay earrings from Christmas designs to studs to mystery bags, and they're all stunning. I can't wait to purchase more! You can use the code LILAC20 for 20% off anything on her Etsy or website - would highly recommend, as they're brilliantly made and so cute.

Festive reads*

This is kind of an overall idea, although this specific book is right up my street. A Holly Jolly Ever After by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone is the story of an actress and an ex-boyband member who end up in a spicy holiday movie together... I think Christmas-themed books are a great idea, especially as an early Christmas gift so they can be enjoyed right through December. So if you have any recommendations, pop them in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about some miscellaneous Christmas gift ideas for 2023 - hopefully it's given you a few good ideas for things to buy for your loved ones this year. Let me know!

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