Wednesday 30 August 2023

Oceania Vista | everything you need to know

Now, if you know me you'll know I'm always thinking about cruises, watching cruise vlogs, going down to the riverfront to see cruise ships sailing past... so when I was invited to come on board the Oceania Vista when she was docked in Liverpool I jumped at the chance. This was an industry ship visit for travel agents and journalists, and we flocked on board to discover this absolutely enchanting vessel on a sunny Friday in August.

Oceania Vista docked in Liverpool, August 2023

About Oceania Vista

Coming in at 67,000 tonnes and measuring 791 feet long, Vista is a brand new ship (launched in 2023) and part of Oceania's Allura Class of ships. She has space for just 1200 guests, with two staff members per three guests for the ultimate levels of customer service. Oceania is known for having The Finest Cuisine at Sea® and Vista is no exception, with 11 culinary venues on board including a buffet, bakery, wellness café, specialty dining and more. There is a theatre, spa, art workshops, cooking classes, afternoon tea and so much more on board; this is an 'upper premium' cruise ship with incredible value for money and while not advertised as a family cruise line, there is plenty for everybody to enjoy.

Oceania Vista: ship tour

As part of our ship tour, we had a talk in Horizons - a stunning bar area with panoramic windows where they host afternoon tea each day. The colour palette in here, as well as across the entire ship, is incredibly soothing and light. From here we went back along the corridor passing the smoking room, conference centre, digital centre (where they'll help you do all things digital) and artists loft, where you can enjoy workshops with the on-board artist in residence. We then explored the spa (wow!) as well as the private spa deck, which is just gorgeous. It didn't hurt that it was such a sunny day, but honestly it was just SO luxurious.

Pastries in Horizons

Culinary venues on board the Oceania Vista

As I mentioned above, Oceania Vista has 11 eateries on board; we walked through Terrace Café (the buffet), but when I say buffet it's obviously a little bit more special than that. The food (sushi, made-to-order omelettes, lobster tails, local dishes, fresh fruit etc) is served to you, and while it's an informal space it's still intricately decorated and the food looked honestly delicious. We also visited Red Ginger (a Pan-Asian restaurant), Toscana (Italian, with Versace plates), Ember (modern American classics), and Polo Grill (a steakhouse). Specialty dining is included in your cruise fare, which is different to most cruise lines, but you do have to book! We passed through Aquamar, which is a wellness cafe and really bright/airy, as well as Baristas - a lovely coffee bar area with a bakery offering little snacks throughout the day. There is also Waves Grill, a shaded poolside eatery which I didn't see but also looks wonderful from the photos/information online, as well as afternoon tea in Horizons. It's honestly no wonder that Oceania is known as the foodies' cruise line because wow! 

We popped into the Culinary Center where you can book a private cooking class led by world-renowned chefs, with a dining space off to the side where you can eat the food you've made too. There is also Privée, a gorgeous private space where you can do a one-of-a-kind champagne tasting experience paired with delicious dishes - the floor to ceiling windows really enhance this space. We visited the Founders Bar, which is alllll about the cocktails, and we tested out the seats in Martinis piano bar as well as the really striking Grand Lounge. Every single one of these spaces is different, but they all ooze this air of luxury and something very special.

There's one restaurant I've not mentioned yet, so keep reading to find out...

The atrium; the Tranquility Bed

The rest of the tour

We also popped in to see a Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom - and when I say jaw-dropping, I mean it. Queen size Tranquility Bed? Check. The biggest bathroom I've ever seen on a cruise ship? Check. Space to sit and relax as well as your own private veranda area? Check. If you have a Concierge level room you get access to private spa deck, free laundry, complimentary champagne on arrival, priority embarkation, a free tote bag, a Concierge Lounge... it's just amazing. And of course you get all the amenities included in a standard stateroom: room service, twice-daily maid service with turndown AND chocolates, robes, WiFi, a rainfall shower... honestly, the dream. The rooms are all beautifully decorated too, with plenty of light and really nice linen! Every room on Oceania Vista is just a dream.

Private spa deck

Outdoor spaces on board

Library; spa; Grand Lounge; the piano in Martinis

Our tour of the ship took us to see the theatre, which has really comfy seats. One of my favourite spaces on board was the library, perfect if you're someone who wants a really quiet spot to relax in or you need to get some work done. Dark wood and comfortable chairs and plenty of books ...what more could you want? We of course visited the pool deck, and went to see where you can play mini golf and pickle board. And we passed through the absolutely beautiful atrium space with its colour changing lights in the middle. We walked through the casino (which is much less gaudy and loud than your standard casino, somehow) and past the shops, where I definitely spied some Louis Vuitton...

Dinner in the Grand Dining Room

The star of the show, of course, was our five-course dinner in the Grand Dining Room. It started with a bread basket and butter in the shape of flowers, as well as white and red wine alongside still or sparkling water. The first course was a potato fritter with a vodka-lime cream and sevruga caviar. I've never eaten caviar before and was fully prepared to just scrape them off the top, but I did eat it and it actually wasn't too bad. Next up was breaded jumbo shrimp with a remoulade sauce, which was tasty, followed by a choice of three main courses. I opted for the butternut squash and truffle cream risotto with pumpkin seeds and every last mouthful was simply incredible. Dessert was a Papuan chocolate volcano with a passion fruit heart and caramel lava (not sickly at all) as well as petits fours and little macarons. As I said before, Oceania is alllll about the food and it certainly didn't disappoint, even for a fussy eater like me. The service and level of attentiveness in the restaurant was amazing too; I eat left handed (fork in the right hand) and after noticing, the waiter made sure to put my cutlery on the correct side for me after each course. It's the little things like that which really set Oceania above the rest!

Potato fritter w/ caviar; breaded shrimp; risotto; the Versace plates in Toscana

So that concluded my tour of the breathtaking Oceania Vista cruise ship. She is absolutely stunning, and it's no wonder that Oceania customers are so loyal because why would you not want to come back on board these ships time and time again? From the food to the decor to the levels of comfort, Vista has it all and she does it in style. If you're looking to book a cruise on Oceania Vista, you can visit the website or book through a travel agent who will help you with everything you need.


  1. I feel like this post has made me want to book a cruise right now! I am seeing so much cruise content on my socials and I have serious FOMO

  2. Wow, it looks incredible, I can't believe how big it is, I had no idea the size of a cruise ship. 11 places to eat, thats some choice! I have a huge fear of the sea so cruising hasn't ever been on my list of holidays but it does look incredible, sleeping in the middle of the ocean fills me with anxiety though, I will have to do my cruising via you. It looks so lovely and sounds it too! Zoë x