Monday 17 July 2017

AD | Create an Eco-Friendly Workout Look with Cosmolle Sustainable Activewear

Each year, we notice more and more that the importance of sustainability keeps growing. And we are starting to integrate eco-friendly practices into our daily lives. There’s an area where you can make a significant impact and those are your workout routines.

When you choose sustainable activewear, especially from Cosmolle, you will be able to create environmentally conscious but also stylish workout looks. We will show you how to use their activewear sets for women to curate sustainable outfits, that will not only show your amazing style but also promote a better and healing planet.

Where to get these pieces?

If you are looking for sustainable activewear, be sure that you will find it at Cosmolle. They are a sustainable brand whose mission is to empower women with chic and stylish activewear. They know that while they are making you feel amazing and also look amazing, they are putting their part to help the environment too.

They have a lovely big range of activewear pieces, like, for example, high waisted leggings, that were designed to be durable and long-lasting and besides they have been made with materials of the highest quality, that will make these pieced hold up during the most extreme workouts.

What makes them even better, is that they not only care about the planet and the environment, but they also are all about inclusivity and body positivity, as they believe that everyone, no matter what deserves to look their best, especially if they’re wearing their pieces.

How to create an eco-friendly workout look?

The first thing to do is research and choose your sustainable brand of choice. In this case, it is Cosmolle. But you can always look for companies that use sustainable and recycled materials.

Once you have done your research is time to mix and match versatile pieces, as they will allow you to create multiple looks while you not only maximize the use of versatile activewear and keep them lasting even longer. When you buy your new sustainable activewear, make sure you are choosing key pieces, like tops, shorts, or leggings too. Make sure these pieces are from classic or neutral colors that can be paired with other items.

Fashion is all about layering, and you can also layer your activewear in a sustainable way. You can try sustainable pieces like jackets, hoodies, or cardigans made out of sustainable materials over your favorite Cosmolle pieces, to not only keep you warm but also still stylish.

Accessorize wisely. As accessories elevate any of your casual or elegant looks, so will your activewear outfits. In this case, you can opt for pieces like reusable or stainless-steel water bottles, instead of one-use plastic ones. If you love yoga, you can also get eco-friendly yoga mats made of natural materials.

But the most important part is taking care of your activewear. Believe it or not, if you give your activewear normal or sustainable the proper maintenance and care will extend their lifespan and you won’t need to frequently buy new pieces. And this is, believe it or not, a sustainable choice.

If you want to take care of your pieces, follow the care instructions that the manufacturer provides, sometimes you can find them on the tags and sometimes they are on the website too. 

As you can see, there are many ways to be sustainable, not only by buying amazing activewear pieces from Cosmolle but also choosing eco-friendly options when it comes to accessories, etc. If you keep making these choices, you’ll feel proud of them and the way you are helping the planet.

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