Wednesday 9 May 2018

How Learning Culinary Skills And Cooking Can Boost Mental Health And Well-Being

We're living in hard times right now and it's definitely having an impact on a lot of peoples' mental health. With that in mind I was more than happy to share this guest post with you today, in case it can help somebody feel better through cooking - I know it always gives me a boost!

There are so many things that can be done in order to improve one's mental health and overall well-being. Making food is more than just satiating hunger and allowing us to feel a little more energized. It can nourish our minds while lifting our spirits. It can also foster a deeper sense of well-being in general. Here, we are going to talk about how cooking can be a mindful practice that promotes mental well-being. Will also mention how it can boost one's creativity while reducing stress.

For a lot of people, cooking isn't exactly the most desirable thing. They either find it boring or tedious. The truth is that it's something that can benefit every single human being on this planet. There are so many different ways that culinary skills can't affect us in a positive manner. Developing a good relationship with food over the years can allow a person to become so much more competent and confident in themselves. Here are just a few ways learning culinary skills can boost one's mental health and overall well-being:  

It Can Be A Cathartic And Mindful Practice

If you are looking for ways to feel more relaxed and cathartic, cooking is a very good method. For many people, the idea of cooking can be very tedious and boring, but it's far from that once you get into the swing of things. It's very mindful in that you can develop a real state of relaxation once everything is underway. You can allow yourself to focus your attention on the present moment and almost become in a meditative state. The rhythm of chopping ingredients and measuring things can allow you to reduce stress along the way. The fact that you are creating nourishing and delicious meals all by yourself also allows you to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This kind of thing boosts your self-esteem so much.

The Kitchen Can Provide Stress-Relief And Solace

We just touched on this, but your stress levels can significantly decrease. This means any chance of extra anxiety or depression can be lowered. Life can be very difficult a lot of the time, and cooking can allow you to channel your emotions somewhat. The actions of kneading, stirring, and sauteing can release plenty of tension. Furthermore, when you create meals that you genuinely love, the scent and flavor can produce a very positive experience. This kind of thing can be very necessary during tough times.

You Begin To Appreciate Food Even More

When you do not create meals yourself, you don't really get much of an appreciation for what's in front of you. The more you learn about cooking and the more you understand nutrition, the better your perspective becomes. Cooking makes you more mindful about what you are eating and allows you to create more of a connection between the foods and your mental well-being. You become more attuned to the flavors and textures, and you begin to savor each bite.

Your Creativity And Expression Get A Boost

Cooking can become an art like many others. When you start with nothing, you are in possession of a blank canvas. You can create whatever you feel and express yourself in many different ways. You may suddenly decide that you want to create a wonderful bruschetta meal with this bruschetta recipe here while adding whatever you wish to it. This kind of creativity allows you to boost your confidence and encourage problem solving skills. It means you'll be so much more satisfied as you have a hugely immense sense of positivity.

You Can Build Relationships And Connections With Cooking

Cooking is more than just nourishing yourself, it's also about helping those around you. Cooking for others or cooking with others can help so much with your mental well-being. Whether it's through bonding experiences at home or shared workshops, these social interactions will be extremely helpful. Sharing homemade meals with friends and family creates the kind of community that you will always want.

It's Great For Self-Care And Emotional Restoration

If you need self-care in your life right now, there aren't many better things around than cooking. Not only are you creating meals that will positively affect your body and mind, but you are also engaging in an act of self-compassion. You get to slow down, reconnect with yourself, and engage in a very nurturing activity. This is more than just a benefit in the short term, too. It's something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's a skill that will benefit your life in so many different ways.

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