Monday 24 April 2023

My 8 recent reads | April '23 pt. 2

Okay, I said there would be a part 2 to my last recent reads - it's been such a good reading month, and quite a few of these were from the end of March too. But without further ado, here are 8 more of my recent reads with quickfire reviews! 

The Warning by AJ Wills

This is such a fascinating and creepy book about a couple who move into a rental property following a tragic house fire. Upon moving in, the wife gets a warning that her husband (who has been nothing but supportive since the incident) is dangerous. Isolated and alone, she has to try and figure out what's really going on - and who her husband really is. This is a good book if you like multiple twists, but trigger warning for an abusive husband who is pretty much forgiven. I hate that. Get it here.

The Flight by Heather J Fitt

Travel is one of my favourite things and if I can read books which tie in with that, then I will. This is a psychological thriller set on a plane; a woman travelling alone with her young son becomes embroiled in an emergency incident in first class thanks to her experience as a nurse. But of course, all is not as it seems and there is a lot more to this particular family drama... I enjoyed the twists in this and thought it was a solid easy read. Grab it here.

The Snow Storm by TrĂ­ona Walsh

Another thriller, and this time set on a remote island during a storm meaning there's no escape; this is another trope I really enjoy, which might be a bit sadistic of me. It's about a group of friends who are back together for the first time in a long time, to celebrate another of the group who died years prior to this. But was his death an accident, and who might be next? With creepy clues and plenty of classic 'whodunnit' moments, this was a really enjoyable thriller! Buy or read it here.

Last Orders by Maria Frankland

You don't get many books which are set in or heavily feature a pub, but I've mentioned before that this is a setting I really like - being an ex-barmaid and part of a pub community, it definitely feels familiar to me. This novel is about a pub landlady and the affair she's having with her manager, and the inevitable fallout from this - a whole lot of family drama, peppered with classic pub situations. I enjoyed this one a lot, and I'd definitely recommend. Get it here.

Lovely Girls by Margot Hunt

Set in sunny Florida, this one follows a mum & daughter duo who have moved to start a new life after the death of the husband/father. Mum is quick to make friends, while daughter Alex doesn't find it so easy; through her video diary, we learn exactly why as well as what's happening in the dark teenage underbelly of this sunshine state. It all culminates in one big drama, but will the truth come out? This was another fairly easy but enjoyable read. Grab it here.

The Summer Party by Rebecca Heath

Again, if a book features a group of people going back to the scene of a party a decade on to confront something that happened I will literally eat it up. I actually found this one quite hard to get into at first, but ended up enjoying it anyway. Lucy returns to the place where she spent a childhood summer, to clear out her grandmother's cottage; while she's there, a body washes up on the beach and she gets drawn into figuring out what happened on the night of that fateful summer party when she was a teenager. With some romance along the way and plenty of hidden secrets, this ended up being a really good thriller! Buy it here. Get it here.

The New Girl by M I Hattersley

Set at a magazine, something which sparked joy for this ex-journalism student, this is yet another thriller (I really should have mixed up these two recent reads posts, oops!) about the new member of staff who isn't there to write about shoes but to enact some sort of revenge. This all becomes clear as Jade lives a double life, planning out how to expose the editor's secrets - but nothing runs smoothly, and Jade doesn't know just how much danger she's putting herself in. I loved this one, and it has a great twist near the end. Really recommend! Get it here.

Don't Let Her Stay by Nicola Sanders

This one had me on the edge of my seat trying to guess what was going on; it follows a couple and their newborn baby, and his daughter from a previous marriage who turns up acting spoiled and dangerous. It completely changes the dynamic of the family, the couple and even the house - but who's telling the truth, who's bluffing, and who will pay the ultimate price to save somebody they love? Twist after twist, this is a REALLY good thriller. Grab it here.

Sorry, that was another long one - and jam packed with thrillers. I've definitely got a type! Have you read any of these? Let me know...

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