Saturday 8 April 2023

AD | Treating myself this Spring

I just think there's something so magical about treating yourself, especially to mark an occasion or achievement. I recently signed a new freelance client, something which has allowed me to hit the income level I was hoping for this year and in turn, kind of changed my life a bit. There's a lot of room for progression and growth with this client, too, and I'm already loving working with them. Being a freelancer isn't always easy, as work comes & goes and you're often chasing invoices or scrabbling for more work. 

But when this client approached me and ultimately we ended up working together, it was a really big achievement and something I'm VERY proud of. I wanted to mark the occasion and treat myself to some nice bits and doing some nice things, so that's exactly what I've done.

The first thing I did to treat myself was to get my nails and brows done, obviously. I've just started my 'builder gel' journey and I'm so excited to see my nails finally grow! And my brows, bless them, are basically invisible so having them tinted is perfect for me especially when I'm too lazy to put any makeup on.

I also just so happen to be working with one of my favourite brands this month - Daisy London Jewellery. So that was another treat to myself: some gorgeous new jewllery. I chose a cute pair of 'daisy bloom huggie earrings', because I very rarely wear them and this is 100% something I want to change, and a new necklace. My current everyday necklace is this one, also from Daisy London, and it definitely needs a good clean and a little rest. My new necklace is fairly similar, in terms of shape and style, but has a gorgeous sunflower engraved into it. Silver jewellery is definitely my jam!
The last thing I did to treat myself was to go to my favourite restaurant, Casa Italia, for lunch with my girlfriend. It's just the best, and I know some people say it's overrated but I truly disagree. I always order the lumaconi pollo al forno and it never ever disappoints. I should add that Kate actually paid for our meal in the end, which made it extra lovely. 

So that's how I've been treating myself this Spring; we are also in the process of potentially booking a BIG trip for next year, and of course I've treated myself to a few pints here and there! Wishing everybody a lovely April, and let me know in the comments if you've treated yourself to anything nice this month. Lots of love!

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