Friday 17 March 2023

Ringana Skincare | travel set review

Products in this blog post have been sent to me as PR samples; all thoughts are my own.

It's been a good old while since I blogged about skincare, but when I can combine it with my love of travel then I just *have* to share it with you. Today I'm talking all about Ringana and their FRESH travel set in 'rich', which is for people with dry skin like me...

About Ringana

From the brand's website: Ringana products are the result of the optimum interaction of precision, high-tech and nature which we strive every day to perfect. The products are developed at our laboratory in Hartberg by our in-house research team, and are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology on the basis of the latest scientific findings. This allows us to process our high-quality active ingredients naturally and gently, thus producing positive synergy effects. The result: highly complex formulations using plant substances whose effects mutually reinforce each other.

They are a sustainable and science-based skincare company based in Austria, who create small-batch skincare products that are kind to the skin and the environment. And that's what we like to see!

The FRESH travel set

The travel sets contain 12 products, and retail for €71.70 - there are also four different options, which are light, medium, rich, and men. I opted for 'rich' because it's targeted towards people with dry skin, which is an ailment I know all too well... These travel sets come in a handy clear travel bag, which I will absolutely definitely be taking with me on my next trip (to Albania, if you're interested) as we're hand-luggage only.

So what's in the bag? You get the following products in the Ringana FRESH travel set:
✨ cleanser
✨ tonic calm
✨ cream rich
✨ anti wrinkle serum
✨ body milk
✨ foot balm
✨ hand balm
✨ body wash
✨ shampoo
✨ stay fresh
✨ deodorant
✨ tooth oil

The products range between 5ml and 50ml, and basically cover face, body and hair care. Essentially, the Ringana FRESH travel set has pretty much everything you would need to take with you on a trip, in handy sample size perfect for airport security AND for not taking up too much room in your precious luggage.

Ringana Skincare products

So what do I think of the products themselves? It's a mixed bag for me. Everything smells very natural; the products are perfume-free, which is really good for sensitive skin, and they're all pH friendly too! Some stand outs for me include the cleanser, which is so gentle but definitely does a good job of removing make up, and the shampoo which cleans really nicely. The deodorant is also really interesting; rather than being a roll-on or spray, it's an emulsion which you rub into the skin. This again makes it SO good for sensitive skin, and I actually do suffer with eczema under my arms (TMI?) so I really like this.

For me, the hand and foot balms were a bit 'meh' - I found that they were pilling when I used them, turning into tiny balls which just rested on the skin instead of sinking in, and they also felt quite greasy. So these two, I wouldn't recommend. The tooth oil is also pretty strange, but that's probably because I've never used a tooth oil before - but it's certified organic, so if this is something you're looking to replace in your hygeine regime then it could be worth looking into.

You can get sample sizes of some individual products on the site, as well as some combinations of product samples like a box specifically aimed at facial skincare. So for a lot of the products, you can try before you buy!

My overall thoughts

So what do I think of the Ringana Skincare FRESH travel set? It might seem pricey, but the quality of the ingredients and the ethos of the brand are really impressive. Plus you get a fancy travel skincare bag! If you're looking to add products to your beauty stash which are little better for your skin and the environment, then you could do far worse than trying Ringana!

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