Tuesday 28 March 2023

AD | Sprucing up our home with Desenio

As you might know if you've been reading my blog for a while, I was in the process of buying a house this time last year. I had an offer accepted, had started buying furniture, was awaiting a survey... then the owner pulled out, and it honestly felt like the end of the world. But as they say, everything happens for a reason and this certainly did. I now live with my girlfriend in a gorgeous house that is everything I ever wanted, and I get to spend every day with someone who makes me SO happy.

Cheesy moment aside, I've been loving adding my own touches to the house - with her blessing, of course! And when Desenio reached out to offer me some prints (alongside a discount code for you guys) I was thrilled because we were already in the process of decorating not one but three different rooms, and everybody knows a good print is the perfect finishing touch.

The bathroom

I'm obsessed with our new bathroom, which looks like it should be in a fancy hotel, and the prints below are going on the wall above our radiator. They're not up yet, in fact none of the prints are, but they have arrived and I've popped them into their frames; everything is such good quality, which is why I love Desenio. Our bathroom theme is black, white & grey with pops of green, and these three were of course the perfect fit. I got them in A4 with black frames, and we can't wait to get them up on the wall. The gallery wall tool was really handy for seeing what they would look like together!

The bedroom

Our bedroom is a grey/orange/oat kind of vibe; we are in the process of decorating slightly, but without making any huge changes away from this theme. We painted the wall behind our bed in a gorgeous deep orange, and this Bauhaus print is the perfect fit. I ordered this in the largest size with a white frame, and it's going to look absolutely *perfect* when we get it on the feature wall.

My office

I have an office which I absolutely adore; it's perfect for me to sit in and work without being distracted! I have worked from home for years, even since before the pandemic, as I'm self employed. My office is a little haven, with book shelves and a ladder desk, and I've gone for a white and yellow theme in here. Anyone who knows me knows I love the colour yellow, and I have a big Klimt canvas in here already. So when I saw I could get a giant print of his work The Kiss, it was an absolute must. Again this is in a white frame so it fits in so well.

The spare room

We have a second bedroom, used as both a spare room and somewhere for getting ready; this is currently a bit of a disaster zone, as we haven't even finished stripping the wallpaper yet and we know it needs plastering. We're going for a teal feature wall, which the bed will be in front of, so I thought this print of a girl holding a cocktail in a teal velvet bed was quite literally spot on for the colour and vibes in here. This is the room I'm most excited about as my girlfriend has given me (mostly) free reign, and I'll definitely be sharing it when it's done! This was another print which I got in the largest size with a white frame.

I also let my brother and sister-in-law pick some prints for the nursery, as they have a baby on the way - and I'm just the best aunty like that. The kids prints are soooo cute. As mentioned, all of the prints are SUCH good quality and came really well protected; delivery took around a week. The prints are really affordable for how good they are, and there's literally hundreds of wall art pieces to choose from. You can use the code LILACSB to get a huge 45% off prints and 10% off frames - valid until March 31st.

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