Wednesday 9 November 2022

AD | Christmas gift ideas with Wicked Uncle

Christmas is just around the corner (how has it crept up on us this quickly?!) and one thing I struggle with is buying gifts for kids. I don't have any, and until recently - a few years ago - I've never really had any in my life. And that's where Wicked Uncle come in handy; they have a huge range of gifts for kids of all ages, and I thought I'd show you my favourites because it's definitely about time to start Christmas shopping!

Gifts under £10

Looking for bargain Christmas gifts? Look no further than these!

Sensory Slug

I know fidget toys are a huge win with kids these days, and this one is so cute. It's suitable for ages 4+ and doesn't need any batteries, making it the perfect stocking filler for Christmas morning. At only £4.95 you really can't go wrong with this one... CLICK HERE TO BUY

Hand Jive

This card game is a twist on the classic charades, something my family have always played at Christmas. You're only allowed to use your hands, and there are 440 prompts to act out so this one provides hours and hours of fun for kids aged 8 and over - although I'm sure some younger kids would be able to grasp it too. At just £5.95 this is absolutely ideal as a Christmas gift for your niece, nephew, or a friend's kid. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Top Model Make Up

Know a little one who's super into make up? Kids love experimenting with stuff like that, and of course they see it all on TikTok/YouTube these days too - so this £6.95 colouring book is perfect for allowing them to unleash their creative side without harming their skin or ruining your Charlotte Tilbury bits... CLICK HERE TO BUY

Horrible Christmas

This annual/book from Horrible Histories looks amazing - the history nerd in me wants it for myself! It gives a really in depth history of Christmas with all the gross and gruesome bits left in - at £9.99 I think this is absolutely fantastic... CLICK HERE TO BUY

Gifts under £20

If you're looking to spend a little bit more, then these Wicked Uncle gifts for under £20 are spot on...

Fairytale Pillowcase

I am obsessed with things you can doodle on, and kids obviously love to draw on things they shouldn't... but with this pillowcase, complete with a fairytale scene, they can colour it in to their heart's content ready for it to be washed and coloured in time & time again. It's £16.95 and should provide years of fun; it comes with 10 wash-out pens, too! CLICK HERE TO BUY

Sonic Booma Boomerang

Kids loves boomerangs, don't they? They're just so novel, and this one returns every time, has a 20m flight range and even whistles as it goes. Perfect for kids aged 8+ and only £12.95, this is ideal for getting them out and about in the fresh air. CLICK HERE TO BUY


Mega-Tastic Challenges Game

One of the major kids' authors right now is David Walliams, and this board game is based on his book characters. I really hope my nephew isn't reading this because it's SO going in my basket ready for him to unwrap. This will be a big hit with a lot of kids, I think, and it's only £14.95! CLICK HERE TO BUY

Gifts under £50

Looking to spend anything up to £50 on a child in your life, perhaps as a main gift? These ideas are top tier, in my opinion...

Detective Tool Kit

God tier gift option in my opinion, this toolkit comes with 10 mysteries to solve and all the tools your little detective needs to be able to solve them. This is the dream, and it's perfect for kids aged 9 and over; at £21.95 it's a great price too and should keep them busy for ages! CLICK HERE TO BUY

Vega 360 Telescope

With kids these days learning more about the planet as we battle the climate crisis, there are a lot more young people interested in astrology and the universe - getting them their own telescope is a brilliant idea. This one is £49.95 and suitable for kids 8 and up, plus the reviews are great. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Minions Milkshake Maker

That's a tongue twister, but if you've got a kiddo who's obsessed with the Minions then this is a great addition to your kitchen... okay maybe not aesthetic-wise, but it definitely make little people very happy to make their own banana milkshakes with this bright yellow frother machine. It includes 4 cups and 180ml of banana syrup too. It's £39.95 and looks brilliant. CLICK HERE TO BUY

There you have it - plenty of Wicked Uncle gift ideas to help you get started on your Christmas shopping for kids. Order up to 4pm for same-day dispatch, and be sure to get your Christmas orders in with plenty of time due to how hectic the postal service gets these days... Let me know which gift idea you think is the best!


  1. Some very unique and cool gift ideas here! I like the look of the hand jive card game, looks like it would be hilarious for people of all ages! :)

  2. The David Walliams game may be useful for a child we know 🤔