Wednesday 12 October 2022

7 Recent Reads | Oct 22

During September and the beginning October I did a fair bit of reading, especially while I was on my travels and had time to kill on the plane or during our days at sea. As per, here's a round up of my recent reads and what I thought of them...

Hazel Hill is Gonna Win This One by Maggie Horne

I got an ARC of this through NetGalley, and absolutely loved it; a fun YA read about female friendships, getting revenge and falling in love, the story follows Hazel - she doesn't have many friends, she's gay, and she's perfectly happy. Then she hears a secret about somebody, and it spirals into something much deeper as she befriends two girls and helps them bring to light a spate of sexual harrassment in school. This is a fantastic read and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys YA. Pre-order Hazel Hill is Gonna Win This One here.

Ghosted by Emily Barr

I thought this book was utterly fantastic. It's YA again, and it follows a girl called Ariel who has a pretty tumultuous home life. Her mum is dead, her dad has abandoned her & her pregnant older sister, and Ariel is left to do the cooking and home admin on top of school. But she's coping - and then she meets a boy named Joe at the shopping centre, and starts to think it might be something. Then her text bounces, and she thinks she's been ghosted. Is that the case ...or is he a ghost? This is a paranormal kind of book but in the least spooky way, and the dual narrative story sees Ariel and Joe grow ever-closer... Get Ghosted here.

The Do-Over by Sharon M Paterson

This is one I had an ARC of, but it is already out, and it's another book I thoroughly enjoyed - the story follows Perci, the less than perfect younger sister of a TV weather girl, working at her dad's firm and living under the constant comparisons and complaints of an overbearing mother. Full of fun characters and interesting side-storylines, I just adored following Perci's journey into confidence and happiness throughout the book. With tense family dinners, neighbour meet-cutes and an overall happy ending, this is definitely one for you if you like cosy romances! Get The Do-Over here.

The Break by Daniel Hurst

I've read a few Daniel Hurst books now because they always seem to be available on Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited, and I've enjoyed all of them - if you like psychological thrillers her should definitely be on your radar. The Break follows Karen, still recovering from her husband's recent affair, as she goes to stay in a holiday home recommended by her friend: because she just needs a break! From there, things unravel and ultimately go from bad to worse in this story of heavy (if slightly predictable) revenge... Get The Break here.

Summer Unplugged by Amy Sparling

There is a whole series of these books and I'm definitely going to read them - this was a really short read, too, meaning I flew through it in around an hour on the plane to Corfu. The story is about Bayleigh, a phone-addicted teen who's mum has frankly had enough; she packs Bayleigh off to the middle of nowhere with no phone to stay with her grandparents. What should have been the most boring summer of Bayleigh's life turns into something much more magical when she meets the (bad) boy next door, and I can't wait to see where see where the series goes! Get Summer Unplugged here.

The Couple at Table Six by Daniel Hurst

Another Daniel Hurst thriller, this one follows middle-aged waitress Hannah as she works at an Italian restaurant - one couple have piqued her interest, and they come in every Friday. She watches from afar, waiting to get closer, hoping to get to know them. And she does, but it turns out even the most perfect-looking couple have secrets; Hannah, with a dark past of her own, uses this to her advantage... Again, a really good psychological thriller and one I'd recommend. Get The Couple at Table Six here.

The Curfew by T M Logan

I really enjoy T M Logan's books, and this was no exception; it's another crime thriller, of course, following a man who's son gets accused of being involved with the disappearance of one of his classmates after an end of term party. Ultimately, the story of what *really* happened unravels with plenty of twists, turns and unexpected suspects... Some brilliantly written characters and scenarios in this one, would definitely recommend! Get The Curfew here.

I loved all of these which is definitely a bonus when it comes to reading! Have you read any of these, or any other cracking books lately? Let me know!

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