Sunday 18 September 2022

AD | Why you should choose Tokyo for an internship

Tokyo is a thriving, buzzing and all-round exciting city to visit - and it's also a great choice if you're looking to travel abroad for an internship. Japan is ahead of the game in terms of technological advances, and they also have really innovative skincare and fashion. When it comes to international internships Tokyo should be top of your list, and here's why!

It's a very international city

Tokyo is one of those cities that is becoming a melting pot of people from different backgrounds and different countries, so it's not somewhere you'll feel like an outsider - fitting in is easy in Tokyo, where you'll be sharing a life with people from all over the globe! People come to Tokyo for business and for learning, so you won't struggle to find people who speak your language and really get you.

Tokyo has so much to offer

Despite being awash with global travellers, Tokyo has retained a sense of wonder - because there are so many aspects of the city which are just unlike anywhere else... From the Ghibli Museum to hundreds of themed cafés and restaurants, unique artwork and mouthwatering cuisine, Tokyo is somewhere where you can experience something new every single day. And realistically, there's simply too much to do on a holiday meaning an internship here is perfect, because you can do it all during your extended stay! 

10 things on *my* Tokyo to-do list

  • Sanrio Puroland
  • Koukokuji Buddhist Temple
  • Samurai Museum
  • The Akasaka Love Hotel
  • Kabukicho Robot Restaurant
  • Detective Bar Progress
  • Yanaka Cemetery
  • Hello Kitty Resort
  • Pokémon Center Shibuya
  • Tokyo Skytree

It will further your career

No matter where you travel for an internship, it will boost your career immensely. However, travelling somewhere as far and exotic-seeming as Tokyo? That will definitely give you an edge over other job candidates, showing how much you value learning and experiencing new things. The skills you will learn and the technology you experience will enhance your knowledge AND your resumé! The work/office environment in Tokyo is fantastic, too, with a real focus on teamwork and employee support.

An internship is the perfect next step after college or university, for many reasons. It gives you a taste of your future career and working life, allowing you to understand how that particular sector works and what will be expected of you as you progress. But at the same time, you are still able to learn so much about your chosen field. You can also network with people in the industry, making valuable connections which will hopefully serve you well during the course of your work life.

Tokyo provides an opportunity for self-growth

Everything I've spoken about so far - the experiences you'll have, the new things you'll see & do, the new food you'll try and the internship itself - point to one major thing: self-growth. You will leave Tokyo at the end of your internship a completely different person, shaped by the magic you have been part of during your time in this fantastic city. As with any internship, you'll go from having all of this potential to being a professional in your field. It's such an exciting opportunity and one which provides memories to last a lifetime!

It's a clean & safe city

One thing that makes Tokyo such a perfect choice for an internship abroad is how clean and safe the city is. Recycling is a Very Big Deal in Tokyo, and their infrastructure for it is incredible. People very rarely litter, and even the public transport is very clean (as well as being SO efficient). And in 2019, Tokyo was named the world's safest city according to the Economist Intelligence Unit - this was ranked in terms of digital, health, infrastructure and personal safety. The crime rate is super low too, so you'll feel safe doing your internship here.

The food is amazing

If you know me you'll know I love food, and trying different dishes and restaurants abroad is one of my favourite things to do when I travel. Tokyo is renowned for having a wonderful food scene, and I've listed some restaurants below that just look banging. They're budget-friendly too, so as an intern they won't break the bank!

  • Menya Musashi Shinjuku Sohonten
  • Ginza Manneken
  • Sanrio Cafe
  • Al Dente Shinjuku
  • Mister Donut

These are just 6 amazing reasons for doing your internship in Tokyo; as Japan starts to open up for tourism over the next few months, 2023 is an ideal time to head over to this incredible city and kick off your career in the best way possible. Have you done an internship abroad? Is it on your to-do list? Let me know!


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