Sunday 10 July 2022

A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G Summers | book review

Today I'm coming at ya with a standalone book review - it's not often I do these, favouring my monthly 'recent reads' round ups instead, but every so often I get asked to be on the tour for a very exciting book - and this was one of those times! Read on to find out my thoughts on A Certain Hunger, by Chelsea G Summers.

The book follows food critic and badass feminist Dorothy, written as a wholly unlikeable but also incredibly likeable character - I don't know how she does it, but Chelsea G Summers manages to make someone who should be a total bitch into someone you kinda want to go for tacos with. Dorothy isn't just a food critic; she is also someone who enjoys a lot of sex, and occasionally killing (and eating) her lovers afterwards...

This is a mock-memoir, a gory story about food, sex, killing and every type of indulgence. It's well-written and very clever, very funny; there's plenty of shock factor, and even though at times I felt like the plot itself wasn't particularly strong (you're basically just reading description after description of each murder, with Dorothy's life & background woven into the pages of the book in between) it is detailed and self-deprecating and satirical to the core. A Certain Hunger is a dark exploration of womanhood, femininity and feminism through one woman's dark actions.

If you're squeamish, don't read this. But if you're looking to fall in love with an unhinged female psychopath turned cannibal, then absolutely read this enchanting and funny tale of crime, food, and sex sex sex. Buy it on Waterstones HERE!

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