Monday 19 July 2021

Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool | review

Recently, my boyfriend and I took a little trip over the water to Liverpool - I booked us into the Hard Days Night hotel on North John Street, a gorgeous building themed around The Beatles. Here's what I thought of the hotel itself!

Booking the Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool

I booked the hotel through trusty old at a cost of £60.75 for a Tuesday night in June. I only booked it a week or so in advance as we changed our plans last minute so frankly, I thought this was a steal! It's one of the fancier hotels in town, with a really central location.

You can also book the Hard Days Night Hotel directly or via, Trip Advisor and other booking sites.

Arriving at the Hard Days Night Hotel

We arrived (by taxi) and went straight inside - to check in we had to fill in a track and trace form as well as the usual details. Only one of us needed to fill this in. Masks were required in public spaces, and then we took them off in the lift up to our room. The lifts are really small, FYI, in case this bothers you. 

There is a bar in the hotel, called the Lounge & Bar, which is on the same floor as the check in desk - you can't miss it. Filled with Beatles-themed artwork and a really chilled atmosphere, it's a nice place to sit and have a drink. The barman on shift when we were there was the nicest, most polite person ever! In fact, all of the staff we encountered at the Hard Days Night Hotel were lovely. There is a restaurant called Blakes, and another bar known as Bar Four which hosts live music too.

We had a drink in the Lounge & Bar - it cost us £21 for a double JD & coke, and a double vodka & lemonade. My jaw hit the floor when I heard those prices, but for a posh city center hotel it's probably pretty standard. Maybe...

Rooms at the Hard Days Night Hotel

We had a luxury double room, another reason why I was so impressed with the price. The room was a really decent size with a big bathroom (it had a bath!), TV, desk and chair, plenty of sockets, coffee equipment, a safe and the biggest bed I've ever seen. I reckon you could have fit 5 people in it comfortably. And god it was comfortable! I had a nap before we even made it out to watch the Euros, that's how good it was.

We both slept really well - it was a bit hot and we couldn't work out how to get the air con to go any colder but it didn't bother us *that* much. The TV only had freeview, rather than Netflix or something similar as you might expect in a modern luxury hotel; other than that, though, I've no complaints about our stay at the Hard Days Night Hotel!

Have you stayed at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool? I'd definitely recommend it if you can get a bargain like we did.

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