Monday 7 June 2021

My 2021 reads | part 2

I've finally read another 5 books in 2021 - I am definitely on track to have my worst reading year, I think! But everything is so busy currently, so getting time to settle down with a book is proving difficult. My freelance work has really hit the ground running, I have a part-time job at a lovely restaurant and I'm trying to see my friends/family/boyfriend too. So, understandably, it's hard to fit a book in but here's what I've managed recently...

The World At My Feet by Catherine Isaac

I absolutely adore Catherine Isaac's books - having already read her first two, I ordered this on Amazon as soon as it came out. It follows gardener Ellie, who hasn't set foot past the garden gate in years - and the story is interspersed with that of Harriet, an international journalist. This is a story about post-revolution Romania and the children who were part of it, and how that relates to the here and now. It is a story about family, love, friendship, anxiety and overcoming obstacles. I absolutely LOVED this book and highly, highly recommend it. Buy it here.

The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall

I got a proof copy of this as I was on the blog tour for it, and as I was actually a bridesmaid for the first time this year I was really excited to read it. And honestly, it didn't disappoint! This is a hilarious story about a young woman who has a 'secret bridesmaid' businesses (like a wedding planner but part of the actual wedding too). She gets a high-profile client who turns out to be a complete nightmare - and there is just so much fun within the pages of this book. Love, laughter, friendship: The Secret Bridesmaid as it all. Buy it here.

Extraordinary Birds by Sandy Stark-McGinnis 

I recently did a The Works haul where I ordered 9 books without reading the blurb for any of them - judging books by their covers and all that. Extraordinary Birds was one of them, and as such I didn't know it was a very-young YA book. Middle grade, I think they call it. Regardless I read and enjoyed it. The story follows December, a young girl in foster care who desperately wants to be a bird. This is a tale about fitting in and learning to fly, and finding out that home has more than one meaning. A gorgeous story and an easy read! Buy it here.

The Baby Group by Caroline Corcoran

This was another of my unknown books from The Works, but from the cover I knew it would turn out to be a thriller of some sort. I enjoyed this - it's about Scarlett, a new mum navigating life with a baby and the help of her NCT friends. Then, someone leaks a video of her that will change her life in the space of a few minutes. The story follows Scarlett as she tries to figure out who did, and why, and what they stand to gain from this. It's pacy and interesting and a really great read! Buy it here.

The Book Club by C J Cooper

The third of my blind haul from The Works, this had the word murder on the cover so obviously I knew it would be a thriller. The concept was great - someone turns up at a sleepy village and disrupts everything, starting a book club where the book each week is something that relates to a secret someone in the group is keeping. There's a bit of everything: stalking, adultery, scandalous sex, books, cake, dogs, cute cottages... but ultimately, I felt like this fell a bit flat. The timing seems to jump around a bit, and the ending was a bit disappointing. It was *okay* but nothing special. Buy it here.

Have you read any great books recently? Let me know!

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