Wednesday 4 November 2020

My favourite Etsy finds

With Christmas coming up I wanted to share some bits I've found on Etsy that I think will make the perfect gift ideas - I haven't ordered any as yet, but I just think they're all great and I want *everything* on this list personally...

Firstly are these honey bath melts from Squeaky Clean Skin Care. They're great for a luxurious bath, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. You get 10 bath melts for £17.50 in a little reusable tin, and I just think they look so lovely.

Next is a boob pot, from The Boob Pot Company. These can be used for plants, pens, make up brushes - anything really, and they're so cool. Get a custom one based off YOUR OWN BOOBS for just £25 which I think is a decent price point.

We all need a 'fuck the tories' necklace, right? This one is from Yunique Metal, and it's hand stamped metal. They're £12-13 depending on what kind of chain you want, and I just think they're cute. You can all sorts of bits like this on Etsy so if you want to make a stand or know someone who does, it's a great idea.

Everyone and their mums are making earrings from polymer clay recently and I am here for it. They're adorable, and Etsy/Instagram are home to the cutest little boutiques making and selling them. These ones, from Floral Crafty Designs, are little oranges and I looooove them. They start at £5.50 and they're just so flipping cute.

Masks are going to be the go-to stocking filler this year aren't they? So you know, if anyone wants to buy me a present, you can get me this Nicholas Cage/National Treasure mask because it's absolutely fantastic and adorable. You can get all sorts of goodies with this print on, from WhyAye, and I'm obsessed. The mask is £12.99 which is expensive but worth it, I reckon.

Another film I love is Booksmart, and this print from Spilt Milk Press is just gorgeous. My office is white and pink so I think it'd go really well in there, and it's just so classy. It's £20 for an a4 print which isn't the cheapest but it is cute. Also, what a film.

As well as polymer clay, everyone's into resin right now aren't they - and again, very much here for it. This resin hair clip with little daisies inside is soooooo cute and I just really think I'd rock it. Just saying. Very cute. The clips are £3.75 from In Bloom By Laura and you can get other petals inside too!

Last but not least is this candle in an empty Coke can - that's literally it but I just think it's really cool. I wish they did a Pepsi one but alas this will have to suffice. All the up-cycling and reusing vibes from Eco Flip, who are committed to supporting the circular economy. The candles are £3.99 each and I think they are great.

Leave me a link below to your favourite Etsy shops and I might do another one of these next week with your suggestions if I have time! Etsy also have their own online gift guides too...

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