Wednesday 18 November 2020

30% off Beauty Bay for Black Friday - my sale picks

Beauty Bay have a biiiggg sale on, with up to 30% off hundreds of products ahead of Black Friday. I thought I'd share some of my favourite picks in case you're looking for some shopping inspiration...

Firstly, this trio of sprays from Revolution is so cute; they're miniatures, which is always a win - perfect for hand luggage when we can travel again - and you get a really good selection. Niacinamide, glycolic acid and tea tree are all really good for your skin so you can start building a really good skincare routine with these. The set will cost you £6.95 in the sale. Bargain!

Next is three Face Halo make up removers - I have some of these which Anoushka bought for me earlier this year and I absolutely love them, as does my mum. They're great for taking make up off just with water, or you can use a cleanser with them. They're great for toner and stuff too. This kind of thing is ideal if you're looking to reduce your single-use beauty products like wipes/cotton pads, and the 3-pack is reduced to £12.55!

I love the Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks - the formula is gorgeous and there's so many colours to choose from. I have the shade 'purple rain' which is a bright purple, but they do nudes, reds and everything in between. With the 30% off they're £12.60 which is a really fair price, I reckon.

My favourite setting spray and one that I've mentioned on my blog sooooo many times is the Gerard Cosmetics setting spray, which comes in a variety of different scents. I prefer the cucumber one but there's peach, watermelon, coconut and loads more to choose from. It really does keep your make up on all day and I'm genuinely obsessed - 30% off is such a good deal too, bringing it to £11.15 - bargaaain.

Next is this amazing gift set from Zoeva; their eyeshadows are some of the BEST, and this set is a steal at £26.60 in the sale. You get the Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette as well as a highlighter duo, a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. From the packaging to the formulas it's all SO so so good. Buy it now. Do it.

Sexual wellness is a big thing and I love that Beauty Bay sell sex toys now - this My Viv Pebble Personal Massager is under a tenner in the sale as well which means if it's your first foray into this kind of thing, you don't have to spend a lot to love yourself. It looks adorable too. Good job.

I wrote a whole post about dealing with maskne which featured the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - it's such a good product for getting rid of big pesky spots. It's 20% off right now making it £12.35, so grab it now if it's something you'll benefit from!

Last but not least - everyone loves the Spectrum brushes, and the Marbleous 12 piece brush set is reduced to £45.50 right now. It might seem pricey but you get 12 great quality brushes that also look absolutely gorgeous. The rose gold!!! Such a good deal.

There's 8 of my personal favourite picks from the current 30% off sale at Beauty Bay. Let me know if you pick anything up in the saaaaaale.

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