Saturday 24 October 2020

Pizza flavoured crisps: ranked

If you follow me on social media you might know I've got a *bit* of a penchant for pizza flavoured crisps. I fell in love with some on my first visit to Poland, and I get those specific ones every time I visit. You can't really get them in England so as such, I'm always on the hunt for some that taste even half as good - but they're hard to come by. I thought I'd rank the best pizza flavoured crisps in a blog post, which I'll add to as I try more... just for a bit of fun!

Walkers x Pizza Express Margherita Pizza Crisps: 3/10

Part of the 'Taste Icons' range, these are classic Walkers crisps based on a Pizza Express margherita pizza - but to be honest, they're pretty crap. Definitely not pizza-y enough, and really just quite boring. Wouldn't recommend. As a side note, the Yo! Katsu Curry crisps from the Taste Icons range are absolutely banging.

Lotto Pizza Snack: 3/10

Waaaaay too cheesy. They're cheap crisps which can sometimes be an absolute winner, but not in this case. They're the kind that get stuck in (and on) your teeth and they're really just not that enjoyable at all. And, like I say, far too cheesy. Would NOT recommend.

Pizza Pringles: 5/10

I'm not a big fan of Pringles in general, and the pizza flavour just isn't great. Too much coating, and they taste a bit too cheesy for me. They're alright but definitely not a high scorer for me.

7 Days Pizza Bake Rolls: 7/10

These lose points by not *technically* being crisps - they're double baked bread chips, almost like crispy bruschetta(?), and they are delightful. Just the perfect herby flavour, not too cheesy, a bit tomatoey. Dreamy, and you can easily get them in Tesco in the UK. The tomato & olive flavour of these is also outrageously nice.

Cheetos Pizzerini: 8/10

I really, really like these - they're triangular and quite dense, and not too cheesy. You get an all round pizza flavour from these and they are hands down some of the best crisps ever. They're Cheetos so you know they're gonna be *good* but they really are.

Lorenz Pizza Monster Munch: 10/10

The pizza crisps that started this obsession, these are my FAVOURITE crisps in the world. They're a million miles away from the monster munch we get in the UK - the texture is more like quavers, and they're shaped like little ghosts (in my opinion) and they just taste SO delicious. The perfect pizza punch. Definitely try these if you ever see them somewhere!

Mini Cheddars Pizza Flavour 6/10

I love normal mini cheddars so much that  any flavoured ones do seem to fall short for me, and these were no exception really - didn't love them, didn't hate them, not the pizza-iest tasting crisps but still some sort of pizza flavour going on. Try them if they're on offer but if not probably don't bother...

So there you have it, the content that literally nobody asked for but that I simply couldn't resist writing. If you know of any other good pizza flavoured crisps please point me in that direction so I can keep adding to this blog post. Thanks in advance...


  1. I never even knew pizza crisps existed. I’ve had my eyes opened today.

  2. Can you get the Cheetos in the UK?