Friday 25 September 2020

Guest post: Age Less Glow Anti-Ageing Tinted Serum | review

It's been a while since I actually published a blog post, AND this isn't even technically me publishing a blog post. The gorgeous Cortney from Food Baby Blogs is jumping on here to do a spot of beauty writing today - she's boss and her kid is cute AND she's having another one, so you should go and follow her on Instagram too. Without further ado...

I met Nikki on the local pop up shop circuit when she was still mixing up this serum in her kitchen. Post pregnancy, my hormones were everywhere and the skin on my face was screaming out for help. I'd previously had mildly oily skin, which I'd learnt how to manage well and what products worked for me. But, towards the end of pregnancy and then even more so just after, my skin was so dry. 

I spent months trying so many products on my face but nothing gave improvement. After a demo of Nikki's Age Less Glow Anti-Ageing Tinted Serum I was convinced enough to part with my cash and buy a travel sized, 15ml bottle to take home. This is the smallest size and costs £15 but holds enough product to last about six weeks. 

The ingredients are all natural and the combination aims to promote cell regeneration and collagen production and even the pigmentation of your skin. After using it for a few weeks I was convinced something in the scent of this magic formula was helping with my anxiety too! 

I applied a few drops each morning to damp skin and found it really soaked into my skin leaving it feeling noticeably better hydrated from the first use. The liquid has an orange colouring and this leaves your skin with a gorgeous glow. Some days I'd even ditch the foundation in favour of the slight sun kissed look the Age Less Glow Serum leaves. For days when makeup was essential I found that after a couple of minutes the serum has left me with the perfect base for applying. 

Speaking to Nikki, her passion for skincare is obvious. Every ingredient in this serum has been well researched and carefully selected before it makes the list. This serum feels and smells amazing. I am now a loyal fan and have stocked up on the bigger sizes. I now notice the difference in my skin if I skip the serum for a few days. This is a skincare product I would genuinely recommend spending on. 

Huge thanks to Cortney for sharing this review over here, definitely make sure you give her a follow and check out her blog. I'll be back soon with some posts of my own, I promise...

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