Thursday 23 July 2020

Passionfuel Box: a non-fiction book subscription service

My box was a PR sample; all thoughts/words are mine.

There's a revolution on the way - at least, we hope so. With the Black Lives Matter movement gaining traction, people fighting for trans rights around the world and the uproar against the hoarding of wealth, we seem to be getting somewhere. And all I can say is keep fighting the good fight. A great way of fighting is, of course, to educate yourself - to learn, grow and stay informed. That's where Passionfuel Box come in!

What is Passionfuel Box?

Subscription boxes are more popular than ever - from Glossybox to Brownie Club, there are subscription boxes for everything now. You can get razors, beer, tampons, cheese and so much more delivered on a rolling monthly basis: a little treat from you, to you. I've reviewed a fiction subscription box service in the past, but Passionfuel Box are a non-fiction subscription service

Non-fiction books are so important in providing education. Never stop reading and learning! It is the perfect way to incorporate non-fiction into your TBR list, especially if you don't know where to start; there are so many topics to delve into, and so many incredible authors and scholars talking about these topics. Passionfuel Box can bring them to you!

What type of books can I expect to get?

Passionfuel Box offer two different subscription services: Stella's Pick, or the Signature Box. Both cost the same, but Stella's Pick will be a surprise; choose your preferred genre, and they'll pick a book for you. With the Signature Box, you choose your own book. I let Stella choose mine, and I was thrilled. I had said I was interested in non-fiction discussing the LGBT+ community, especially as it was Pride month at the time. I received Stonewall: the riots that sparked the gay revolution by David A. Carter.

How much does the Passionfuel Box cost?

The Passionfuel Box is £17 per month. For this you get a handpicked book delivered to your door with a bookmark and postcard as well as two 'treats' - teas, snacks and more. While it is pricier than just buying a book yourself, you can get something you wouldn't usually pick yourself AND some added extras. Plus it's just lovely to support a small business that is so keen on promoting education and growth!

So that's all on Passionfuel Box - you'll see the book I received in an upcoming 'recent reads' post I'm sure. If you have any non-fiction book recommendations, leave them below!

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