Friday 10 July 2020

My favourite people to watch on Booktube

I'm an avid watcher of YouTube - I don't have the attention span for films and I get bored of TV series quite quickly too, unless they're utterly brilliant, so I watch a lot of YouTube. I've recently really got into watching Booktube, so I wanted to give you my recommendations for who to watch in case this is something that takes your fancy...


Vanessa is one of my favourite people on the internet and as soon as we're allowed to travel again, I'm going to hunt her down and squeeze her (with permission, obviously). She's got a lovely Geordie accent, doesn't sugar coat things, and just makes brilliant book content. 10/10 would recommend.

A Little Writer Em

I've known Em for years through blogging, and her Booktube content is fantastic. She also wrote a book not long ago called Mine which I have featured on here, and it's wonderful. I love her cosy writing (and reading!) vlogs soooo much.

Mafalda is Reading

Oh my god where to start - I just love her. Drop dead gorgeous with a clear passion for reading, lovely hair, lovely accent, so intelligent and aware of what's going on in the world - someone who uses her platform in a really positive way. What a dream.

Getting Hygge With It

I don't watch many Americans on Booktube but I love April, her videos feel like a nice warm hug and she has a really varied reading taste. Her wrap up videos are really informative without being soooooo longgggg. Brilliant channel!

Becca and the Books

I decided I loved Becca as soon as I saw she was wearing a Mayday Parade t-shirt in one of her videos; she's also really funny, and I love her Bookopoly series where she uses a Monopoly board to choose her TBR list for the month. So clever!

Books and Big Hair

India Hill Brown is so dreamy; she's another Booktuber who has released a book, The Forgotten Girl, and she's just had a baby! She makes content about writing as well as reading, which I love, and plenty of bookish content. Did I mention she's gorgeous?

So that's who I'm watching on Booktube right now; if you have any other recommendations please let me know because I'm becoming seriously addicted to all the book content...

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