Thursday 30 July 2020

(ad) Dreamy hotels around the world

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Oh how I long to travel right now... I'm physically aching to hear "can I see your passport please?" or feel the excitement of walking down the snack aisle in a European supermarket - for the feeling of sunshine on bare shoulders and homemade raspberry vodka and knowing you've paid too much to get into an art gallery but loving it anyway. 2020 was supposed to be a year of last minute budget trips for me, and I was so excited to see where my adventures took me. But alas, most of aren't travelling this year - so here's some dreamy hotels around the world just to sate my wanderlust a bit...

Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa, Maldives

If there's one thing the Maldives is famous for it's accommodation that overlooks the water, leading straight into water and so on. Bright blue, sparkling, clean water. The water villas at Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa are so pretty and each have a stunning glass floor which allow you to see the beautiful ocean without having to leave your room. With gorgeous balcony terraces that have their own sunbeds and sofas as well as plenty of space in the villas themselves, this is just such a gorgeous place to stay.

Pinkcoco, Gili Air

Bali has never really been on my bucket list but the Gili Islands are right there, and that means the Pinkcoco hotel - oh my god. It's just a pink aesthetic dream; pink sunbeds and umbrellas, pink walls and cushions and bikes, pink flowers and cocktails and lighting. They have their own swing on the beach, and the decor here is just SO stunning I can't get over it. It's a pipe dream, but a holiday here would be the best post-lockdown treat wouldn't it?

Los Enamorados, Ibiza

Honestly, Ibiza isn't high on my list either - don't get me wrong, if you offered me an all expenses paid trip to the White Isle I'd probably say yes but it's just not very me. Los Enamorados is a really quirky, fun, arty hotel: lots of green and blue, plants and neon signs, sprawling beanbag sofas. I just think the vibes here would be amazing, and some hotels really are just so Instagram-friendly...

Eden Locke, Edinburgh

If you want calm and sophisticated hotel decor, this is the place for you. Think earthy tones and pastel colours, plants and soft edges and just a really lovely, grown up atmosphere. Plus Edinburgh is meant to be a really cool city. There are 72 apartments here, and each one looks so pretty - that's the word that sums this place up: pretty. If you're feeling stressed, I bet you wouldn't after sitting in one of these rooms for half an hour!

So there's some of my favourite looking hotels around the world, all of which I'm dying to stay in because I'm sick of my own bloody bedroom right now. There really are some gorgeous hotels around the world, and I think it does make a difference when you stay somewhere that's just genuinely SO pretty - even if you're only sleeping there, it's just so nice isn't it?

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