Sunday 31 May 2020

May 2020: the round up

Oh how long have we been in lockdown now?! It seems to be flying by and dragging at the same time. Just like last month, my May round up is mostly TV shows and films and music - but here it is anyway. These posts don't get much traffic but, for the most part, I write them because it'll be so interesting to look back a year or two from now and remember this crazy time...

In terms of TV, I watched Normal People because everyone else was. I've not read the book, and I kind of wish I'd done so first; I enjoyed the series, because it's so beautifully shot and everyone has lovely voices and Connell's mum is gorgeous. But I found the plot to be a bit lacking and ultimately confusing... I also watched the adaptation of John Green's Looking for Alaska, which is on iPlayer. I loved the book when I read it, and the TV show is okay but everything just seemed a so different from the book itself. Cracking soundtrack, though!

I watched some films in May, too. I'm not really a film person as you might know, but I watched The Half of It on Netflix which I loved (it's a beautiful story, and Ellie Chu is a brilliant character) though I can't help but feeling like the trailers are a bit queer baiting... I then watched Booksmart and it's shot into my top 5 films of all time. I love love LOVED every second of it, and I urge everyone to watch it. So beautiful and fun.

Youtube, as always, has been something I've consumed a lot of. From Emily Merrill and her soothing book-related content, to cake decorating videos from Yolanda, and loads in between - quick fire assumption videos, true crime and beauty reviews.

Music... well, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit's new album, Reunions, dropped in May. It is honestly, from start to finish, pure perfection. I ordered the special edition vinyl, and I stayed up one night to listen to the first run through on an independent radio station in Nashville which was exhilarating. It's their best album for sure. On the same radio show I heard LaZboys by Ele Ivory which is a gorgeous song, and it's been added to my playlist!

May saw me bake my first (and second, and third) lemon drizzle cake which were all delicious. So proud of myself! I also hosted a couple of virtual quizzes for my friends, which was so much fun, and carried on taking part in our weekly family quizzes too. I seem to have 'zoom meetings' all over the place but it's nice to see friendly faces even if it is via a screen...

I also worked with Moonpig on a blog campaign which I loved, and I managed to get some more freelance work so everything is ticking along quite nicely over here. If only we could go the pub!

May also saw the abhorrent and brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement in Minneapolis, which sparked riots across America - and rightly so. I had written this post before this happened, and wanted to add this on to say I am in complete support of these protests, and of the Black Lives Matter movement always. Please donate if you can, and sign/share petitions, and educate yourself. Do not rely on black people to educate you, but do the work yourself. Read books, take an anti-racism course, have those uncomfortable conversations. Do better and be better.

What have you accomplished or experienced in May? Let me know in the comments - hope you're keeping safe and staying well.

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