Thursday 23 April 2020

AD | Self care tips for surviving lockdown

As lockdown continues, we're all suffering a bit - even the ones who seem to really have it together. So I wanted to share some of my best self care tips in case you need to hear them right now...

Pamper yourself

It might sound obvious but having a pamper night - or just making sure to look after yourself - can really help. Whether that's having a Lush bath, wearing your favourite fancy perfume to work from home or painting your nails with wacky colours, do it. Find a skincare routine that works for you, slap a homemade hair mask on your head, shave your legs. Want to put red lipstick on to have dinner in your living room? Do it! You'll feel better about yourself. Using essential oils, for example, is a great way to release pheromones. These super-chemicals in your body can induce feelings of arousal, desire and lust in others. And who doesn't want that?!

Remember that social media is usually a highlight reel

Most people don't post their bad skin days, or selfies of them crying for the 4th time that week, or the pile of dishes they're yet to do because really everything seems a bit futile. Most people don't post daily outfit shots wearing the exact same joggers three days in a row. If you're looking at your Instagram feed and thinking everyone is handling this better than you, remember that you're not really seeing things how they actually are.

Listen to songs that make you feel good

If you're feeling a bit down, throw your favourite songs on. Whether that's heavy metal, cheesy pop, lovely country tunes - turn the volume up and sing your heart out, dance around your kitchen and just let all your emotions out. My lockdown playlist has been on repeat since this started, and I've had loads of moments just sitting at my desk and singing away. It feels good to let go sometimes!

Remember to eat and drink

I don't know about you, but I've not had much of an appetite the past few weeks. Simple tasks like eating and even drinking have been a bit much at times, but it really is important to stay hydrated and nourish your body from the inside. Even if you do have chocolate for breakfast and plain pasta for tea, just keep eating otherwise you'll end up exhausted and run down. It helps to treat yourself to your favourite foods (mine are orange chocolate and pasta pasta) even if it's just a little bit. You deserve it!

Get plenty of rest

I've been resting a lot. And you know what, that's okay. I've piled my bed with pillows and put some brushed cotton bedding on and made my space all cosy - although, that hasn't stopped me from spending loads of time redesigning my room in my head. Do I want painted floor boards instead of carpet? Do I want to swap my current bed situation for a crushed velvet divan set? Do I want more book shelves? Well, obviously. But anyway, it's nice to just sit and imagine a different space - especially as we can't go anywhere!

So there's my personal self care tips for surviving lockdown. Most importantly, I think it's imperative to remember that you are surviving in these weird and unprecedented times. Nobody knows what they're doing, and nobody knows the "right" way to do things. You've got this.


  1. I've been awful for eating! I skip breakfast AND lunch. In the mornings, I used to have a coffee and Weetabix (not together btw, ew). Now it's just coffee. And I have my dinner about 5pm. It's so bad isn't it! I've been loving having the time to pamper myself though! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  2. I'm doing pamper evenings probably way more than I should be haha x

    Maiya |

  3. I Lush bath is my absolute favourite way to relax!

    Lauren |