Tuesday 11 February 2020

Prague day 2 | January 2020

Saturday 18 January 2020 | 15,513 steps

It was P's birthday on our second full day in Prague, and we had some fun things planned. Our first stop was the Museum of Senses, which was a short tram ride away from where we were staying. It's 299 czk per person, so around a tenner each, and it's full of optical illusions to play around with and plenty of photo opportunities. It's not huge and we were only there for around an hour, but we had soooo much fun and I'd definitely recommend it.

We then had a cheeky McDonald's lunch - I'm certainly not opposed to nipping into a foreign Maccies when you've got loads to cram in during a trip, especially as each country has different food available. FYI, the chicken strips in Czech McDonald's are amazing.

Our next stop was Prague Castle. We got the tram over to the right side of the river, then walked up all the steps. You can get the tram up (it's number 22) and I would definitely recommend doing this! But alas, we didn't - the view at the top is worth it, though, and the castle grounds are stunning. There's a cafe and museum areas and just loads of really lovely buildings - it's the largest coherent castle complex in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We did end up getting the tram back down, and decided to walk back over the Charles Bridge - it really is iconic. I wanted to watch the Newcastle game that evening, so we went off to scope out an Irish bar ahead of time; we found one, the Irish Times Bar, and couldn't leave without having a pint first. So we did, and then I took P to see the famous 'Man Hanging Out' statue of Sigmund Freud.

I was dying to head back to the Nightmare Horror Bar which was a short tram ride away, because I love a themed bar with funky cocktails and this is one of the best. We were definitely making the most of our tram tickets, as you can tell! We had two cocktails here, made friends with some Liverpool fans and then headed back into town - but not before we had a quick peek at Fred & Ginger, otherwise known as The Dancing House and one of my favourite buildings in the city.

It was football time then, and what a game it was (Newcastle beat Chelsea in added time and I may have shouted a bit too loud). By this point we were ravenous and, as per tradition, headed to the Hard Rock Cafe. I've only just started visiting these as I always thought they were suuuuuper expensive; and they are a bit pricey, but so worth it. We each had a cocktail, and got the souvenir glasses to go with them - P had a big steak and chips while I opted for my favourite twisted mac & cheese (with chicken and garlic bread). I think it came to around £58, but as it was P's birthday I wasn't bothered!

And so concludes my second day in Prague - it was a ball, and we crammed so much in. Keep your eyes peeled for day three...


  1. The Museum of Senses looks pretty cool - I've been to a couple of similar museums, but I can never resist a good photo opportunity!

  2. You did so much! I literally adore your travel series on your blog so much xx

  3. The museum of sense looks like so much fun! x

  4. Those cocktails look so yummy! x

    Maiya | maiyabellexo.co.uk

  5. I LOVE Prague! I have been there a few times and it's always such a fun time. The Museum of Senses is really fun. You should check out the Beer Spa too!

  6. Wow that museum thing looks so cool!

  7. The cocktails look lush, I definitely need to go back and explore the bars!

    Gemma Louise

  8. I love the look of the Museum of Senses, I can't resist a good optical illusion like that! I also just googled the Dancing House and it looks amazing! Sounds like you had a fab second day, what a great way to spend a birthday! I'd love to visit Prague and your photos make it look amazing!

  9. Prague really does sound wonderful, I hope I get the chance to go one day.

    Amy x
    The July Rose