Wednesday 4 December 2019

AD Make your own gluten free truffle & garlic bread with Schwartz

As you might know, I've been cutting gluten out of my diet to help with chronic stomach pain. One thing I really miss is decent bread, and garlic bread (I've cried in the bread aisle before now...) so when Schwartz got in touch I thought I'd take this opportunity to make my own garlic (and truffle) bread - gluten free!

It's honestly SO simple and easy. Some of the best gluten free bread I've found is the BFree Demi Baguette which you bake in the oven, so I've used that for this recipe. If you have a different favourite, go for that instead and just tweak the recipe so you've basically got toast with the garlic butter on!

What you'll need...

🌱Schwartz Garlic Granules
🐮Salted butter
🍃Mixed herbs
🐽Truffle (olive) oil
🍞Gluten free baguette

Lets go...

Get your butter, making sure it's nice and soft, and mix with the garlic granules and some herbs as well as the truffle olive oil. A lot of recipes call for parsley, but honestly I prefer it with mixed herbs personally! Keep tasting it as you go to see if it needs a pinch more garlic or some more herbs - you'll know when it's right for you. I prefer mine to be extra garlic-y, and the Schwartz Garlic Granules are perfect for that as they're so flavoursome.

Slice into the bread about halfway down, and shove your homemade garlic butter into the slits. Then pop it into the oven as per the cooking instructions and voila! I had this for tea with gluten free mac and cheese, which I made myself using GF macaroni pieces and a packet of GF cheese sauce with added grated cheese on top, and a bit of side salad. A really easy home made meal, perfect for those autumn nights and really tasty too.

Catch me making my own gluten free garlic bread on a weekly basis, honestly. It's great as you only really need stuff you've already got in the house, it takes hardly any time at all AND it tastes amazing. What more could you ask for?

What's your favourite meal to have on a cold winter night?

This post was written in collaboration with Schwartz. 
Please see my disclaimer for more info.


  1. I’ve never thought of making my own garlic bread.

  2. Oh. Wow. This looks incredible - I love garlic bread.
    I'm definitely going to be picking the garlic granules up next time I go shopping x