Saturday 30 November 2019

Wroclaw, Poland | day three

Friday 8th November 2019 - 12,844 steps

Our third and final full day in Wroclaw started, for me at least, with a hangover. By the time we were all ready and out the door it was pretty much lunch time so we decided to forgo a proper sit down breakfast in favour of grabbing something to go. I opted for some chips from Frytki I Sos, who do the nicest vegan Belgian fries with a variety of toppings. They're a decent price and you get a massive portion, so if you want something quick, easy and central then I'd highly recommend!

We then wandered into Feniks, which is a really retro style department store full of a lot of strange things on offer. It's kind of like if Netto did department stores - strange, and we didn't buy anything. We were on a mission anyway, and headed down to the river to embark on a boat trip. It promised to take us down the River Oder with loads to see, and so we paid our fares (between 20 and 30 zloty per person) and waited for the boat.

Honestly, if there's one thing I could suggest NOT doing in Wroclaw it's this boat trip. Sure, it takes you down the river - to where the zoo is located, if you fancy it - and back again, and the trip is 45 minutes long. It was also freezing cold, and all we really saw was a few buildings and some commuter cable cars. Oh and a couple of bridges. It definitely wasn't worth it, which was such a shame!

Our next stop was the National Museum, seeing as it was closed the day before and we wanted to do some cultural bits. It was 20 zloty each, and started off well with some really old artwork that had been rescued from churches in the city. Paintings, statues and frescoes galore - really worth seeing. There was some cool stained glass pieces, and then we headed round to what seemed to be the main bit of the museum. It was a series of rooms filled with the most random things; old irons next to brand new irons, next to some really old guns and some modern day guns with children's clothing through the ages in the next display cabinet. The theme was obviously supposed to be the contrast between old and new, but there was no explanation and everything was in a really strange order. It just wasn't the best museum ever, which was a shame - Friday was shaping up to be a bit of a fail!

We then headed to Vinyl Cafe which had a very cool interior and excellent music; the drinks were slightly on the expensive side but it was a nice atmosphere. By this point we were pretty hungry, and made our way to a lovely restaurant called Swieta Racja - they weren't serving burgers at that time, but everything else was good to go and we all enjoyed our meals a lot. If you like flavoursome meat dishes then this is definitely the place for you.

As with all of our other evenings in Wroclaw, we headed back to our little Airbnb for some drinks and card games - as well as all the boring things you do on the last night of a city break like working out what to do with your rubbish, and packing your case. Then we decided to head to a more central bar, where we sat outside with the outdoor heaters and watched as the city centre filled up with Friday night drinkers. We finished the night in Literatka Café, in their back room with the books and the piano, the jazz illustrations and comfortable chairs.

And that's a wrap on my recent trip to Wroclaw, Poland. I had an absolute ball, so thanks to the gang for a fab time and I hope you lot have enjoyed reading this - keep your eyes peeled for content from my next trip to Poland in a few weeks time...


  1. You've totally sold this place to me! I'm totally gonna add it to our to visit list but we'll probably need you as a tour guide please and thank you xx

  2. wow, they do cheap flights from newcastle now i totally want to book up

  3. Ah sorry the boat trip wasn't worth it for you! I'd probably only do it as a nice way to get to the zoo! x


  4. You've definitely made me want to visit myself one day! Knowing that there's plenty you can do in a few days rather than having to go for weeks at a time (very hard to do with so many animals) really sells it! x

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your boat trip or the museum, as they both sounded pretty interesting! I would still probably consider doing both because I'd like to make my own opinion. Can't wait to visit the city one day!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  6. Always interesting hearing what you do and what you don't enjoy about a trip x

  7. Ahh it is a shame you didn't enjoy the boat trip, at least you can say you've done it I guess. Overall I'm sure you've had a nice time :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. I love how cheap everything in Poland is, it was similar in Prague but not quite as cheap. Wish things were that affordable in the UK!

    Gemma Louise

  9. That's such a shame that the boat trip wasn't that good, I usually love doing those but it's so dependent on what's along the river I guess! The Vinyl cafe looks really cute though, and it sounds like you managed to have a good last day regardless of the weird tourist attractions! You've sold Poland (and Wroclaw in particular) to me, it's top of my list now!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety