Saturday 23 November 2019

Luxury gift ideas 2019

Sometimes, you just really want to treat people. Christmas is the ideal time to do that, if you can - don't be spending what you haven't got but if you do have it, here are some luxury gift ideas for your to peruse... Massive shout out, by the way, to the brands who have partnered with me in this one. You guys are boss.

Throwing in the towel

I don't do a lot of beach holidays, mostly because I get bored easily and hate sand but when Tesalate reached out and offered to send me one of their towels, I said yes. It fitted in perfectly with my trip to Spain (you can read more about that here) and honestly, the towels looked so cute.

patterned beach towel lying on the sand

I opted for the Cosmic Dream pattern and it arrived in its own little bag, perfect for transporting it to and from the beach etc. It feels completely different to other towels, and it's super-absorbent as well as having some sort of anti-sand property. It worked a treat while I was away, and if you're buying for someone who loves a good holiday then I think this is the ideal luxury gift. GET IT HERE FOR £49

You've been fleeced (not)

I love a good fleece, you know? Sometimes they're not particularly stylish but this one* from Tog24 is pale pink and absolutely gorgeous. Mine's a bit big which makes it perfect for lazy days and walks in the park, and of course - trips to Poland in the winter. I love it and it makes me feel so cosy! GET IT HERE FOR £45

pink TOG 24 fleece folded on top of my open suitcase

Listen up

Being someone who travels a lot, and also absolutely LOVES listening to music, it's a surprise that I didn't get a bluetooth speaker sooner! But I have survived without one for most of my life, until the team at Pow Audio offered to send me one way back in the summer. I took it to Spain with me, and then to Wroclaw, and it came in really handy because it meant any of us could connect our Spotify playlist to it and play some tunes.

a portable speaker in my outstretched hand in front of a typical white and blue Greek scene

It's a portable extendable wireless speaker with an incredible battery life that is also magnetic. It's a dream, and music actually sounds good through it too - which can be a struggle with smaller speakers! GET IT HERE FOR £89

Speaking from experience...

One thing I think you can do if you want to spend a bit more money on someone, is book some sort of experience. Whether that's a theatre show or a gig, a trip to the zoo or a full blown holiday, they'll appreciate the chance to make some memories and have something to look forward to. Some great ideas are...

🎢Go to a theme park, like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park
✈️Head off on a city break or just book a night in a hotel in a city near you
👙Book a relaxing spa day
⚽️Do a tour of their favourite sports stadium
🍰Go for afternoon tea or a slap up meal

colourful buildings under a blue sky

an afternoon tea spread including cakes, scones and sandwiches

Remember, when booking experiences you can often find really good deals on the likes of Wowcher or Groupon so you don't even have to spend a lot of money to give someone a really special gift.

Bling Bling, Bling Bling

Jewellery is a really nice way to treat someone at Christmas. And you actually don't need to spend a lot to get a lovely piece that will mean a lot to someone - I recently received a beautiful Affirmation Necklace* from Soul Analyse, and fell in love with instantly. Mine is rose gold and says I AM ENOUGH, which I think is something we could all do reminding of sometimes. It's well made, so pretty and comes in different variations. Love it! GET IT HERE FROM £21

rose gold necklace with the statement I AM ENOUGH in a black box on a grey blanket

Let's get away

As I may have already mentioned during these Christmas gift guides, I love to travel - so you can't go wrong with a travel-related gifts. When Scaramanga offered to send me one of their canvas travel wallets to feature, I had to say yes. It's such good quality, and you can fit LOADS in there; I'll definitely be taking it to Prague and Vienna next year as we'll have quite a few documents and a lot of information as we're visiting two cities in one trip. I love the simple, clean look of the wallet and it just makes such a lovely gift. GET IT HERE FOR £67

canvas travel wallet open on a grey blanket

What would be your ideal luxury gift to receive?

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  3. Fab gift guide! I was sent some bits from Tog24 too and I agree, they're so cosy and perfect for lazy days x

  4. I really want an afternoon tea of spa day experience for Christmas - need to send my husband to this post! x

  5. I love the idea of booking an experience as a gift! It can often be pricier than giving something store-bought, but you can make some unforgettable memories!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  6. Soul Anaylse look amazing, i'll definitely be looking at some of their jewellery x


  7. Love the idea of experience days/gifts. It gives people the chance to do something outside their comfort zone or something they wouldn't have bought for themselves x

  8. That little speaker sounds great! I pretty much always have music on - much to most peoples annoyance!- but I've not found a good small speaker yet. I'll have to have a look!
    Bella x

  9. What a great selection of gifts! I like how practical these are - half the time you end up with gifts that you can't really use and it's such a waste, but these would be great for pretty much anyone. I'm a big fan of experiences, like I was given a stay at Alton Towers for my 21st and my parents gave me the money to go to Vienna and Budapest for my birthday a few weeks ago. Memories like that last forever!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  10. I love the selections here! I try to buy experiences for my family members because most of them hate stereotypical gifts x

  11. That speaker is such a handy little thing to travel with!

    Gemma Louise

  12. So..... I really want a Mulberry bag haha is that luxury gift enough? I'm hoping next year is the one! xx

  13. I love that fleece! but a spa day is fab!

  14. I love a portable speaker! Such a good gift idea!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  15. You know, I have never been for an Afternoon Tea. My mum would like something like this I reckon for Christmas as I am still looking for an idea for her.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  16. I love buying tickets or experience days, I think they're so exciting!!xx