Sunday 17 November 2019

Homeware gift ideas 2019

This might seem like a strange category for a gift guide, but I personally am at that age where my friends are moving out, starting families and becoming homeowners. Not me personally, but you know. Other people. Anyway, all that stuff is really expensive - so gifting someone some nice homeware is a great idea, I think...

Table the motion

When the team over at Top Furniture offered to get involved with my gift guides, I was thrilled. We're actually redecorating our living room, and I let my dad pick out this Country Oak Lamp Table*, which has a drawer and a shelf. It's so sturdy, and I think the price is spot on for such a nice piece of furniture. Something like this is definitely the sort of present a new homeowner would appreciate, especially if you let them pick out the perfect piece! GET IT HERE FOR UNDER £120

Lap it up

Ever since I started working from home, I've told myself I need a lap tray or laptop table. But of course, I've just put off getting one/forgotten about it/been skint. VonHaus sent me the most perfect bamboo tablet and laptop table*, which is such good quality and looks stylish too. I've used it every single day since it arrived, so if you're buying for a blogger or someone who works from home - or event just someone who loves to binge Netflix shows in bed - check it out. GET IT HERE FOR UNDER £15

Get cosy

My room is a bit cold, and we all want to save on the heating bills anyway - so fleecy bedding makes the PERFECT Christmas gift. I got mine from B&M for around the £20 mark, but it had sold out in my local store last time I was there. However, you can get it from all sorts of places now such as Next and Dunelm - and it's so cosy. Plus it looks gorgeous!

Making memories last

I absolutely love photos - I have so many printed out, stuck in albums or hanging around my office. When the gang from Treat Republic offered to send out an oak photo cube, I knew I had to get it personalised for my mum and dad. You can get text carved into it, and then of course you print out photos to go in the squares. I haven't actually had the photos printed yet, because I'm a bit useless and I've been SO busy, but I got it with their love of cruising in mind. I thought they could use it store ticket stubs and passes from cruise excursions, and have photos from their past cruises in the squares. Such a cute and inexpensive personalised gift idea! GET IT HERE FOR UNDER £25

Let it burn

People just love candles, don't they? Me included, to be fair, and you can get really nice ones no matter what your budget is. Yankee Candles are iconic, and Home Bargains do fairly similar ones. Jo Malone candles are proper luxury stuff, and Asda do really good dupes of their scents. You can also get handmade candles on Etsy and from local gift shops, and some other lovely candle brands are Baylis & Harding, Woodwick and Celtic Herbal.

It's time to face the music

A record player makes a really cute Christmas gift. I got mine for my birthday, but I love it - and I love scouring the charity shops to expand my record collection. You don't have to spend a lot, either! Mine's a Goodmans one from B&M, and you can get them in places like Argos and John Lewis too. They look cool, they're functional and t's just an all-round solid present for someone.

Cuddle up

Are you ever too old for a plush toy, really? Shop Disney have such a wide range of amazing Disney plushes which can either be cuddled (like my medium sized Tigger is, when I feel sad or tired) or displayed like my large (and personalised!) Beast is. If someone has a particular favourite Disney character, you can't go wrong and they're always on offer around Christmas!

If you have any other homeware gift ideas, leave them in the comments below! I'd love to know your thoughts on the above, too.

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  1. I need the lap tray soooooo bad! I'm the worst for working in bed and this would help so much xx

  2. I'm actually dying for some fleece bedding if I'm honest, it's just so perfect and christmasy! I really want the beast plush too, so cute x

  3. I'm actually living for fleece bedding sets right now, u think they are perfectly Christmasy! I also really love the look of the beast plush too x

  4. I love homeware as a gift, so lovely! Especially when they have really thought about what you would love :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I love that laptop table - need one asap x

  6. I definitely need some Disney plushes! Also I've been meaning to get a laptop tray in FOREVER!


  7. I'm really keen to try the fluffy bedding for myself! I love giving homewear pieces to people who have moved out or maybe just moved in together, giving something that will actually be used and appreciated is always what I aim for when I give gifts!
    Bella x

  8. These are such lovely ideas - my personal favourite is the laptop table because I often use my laptop in bed!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  9. Some lovely ideas here! Can't beat a good candle during the festive season :)

    Kate |

  10. this is actually such a good idea! the older i get the more i think about homeware gifts

  11. I love the record player, I wouldn't mind getting one of these when I have my own place.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  12. I don't know whether it's cause I'm getting old, but getting homeware for presents is my absolute favourite! I really love the table you got, it's definitely one of those pieces of furniture that really comes in handy. I also love the look of the laptop tray! Even though I have a desk I'm terrible for doing blogging stuff in bed, so a tray would be so useful!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  13. These are great homeware gift ideas, I love your record player! So pretty x