Saturday 31 August 2019

My favourite gluten free finds from ASDA

As I mentioned in this post, I've recently cut out gluten in a bid to try and help my chronic stomach pain. Whether it's working or not, I don't really know! But I've tried my fair share of gluten free goods now, so here's some of the best ones (in my opinion) that you can pick up at ASDA.

ASDA Free From Choco Snaps

I'm not sure if these are new or I just didn't see them at first, but they're a very new discovery for me. Basically coco pops, but gluten free. What a winner! Seriously though, I had been eating the ASDA Free From Honey Hoops and they're okay but so dry - these are much better and I genuinely enjoy eating them, rather than just eating them because I need sustenance.

BFree Bake at Home Demi Baguettes

These are like part-baked rolls and you get 2 in a pack; whack them in the oven for just under 10 minutes and they go crispy on the outside. They're not as soft and fluffy inside as regular part-baked rolls but they do the job, especially with a load of salted butter.

ASDA Free From Margherita Pizza

I was expecting to hate this but I absolutely LOVED it. Possibly just as much as any other pizza - it was amazing. I added some extra cheese before I put it in the oven, because there wasn't a lot, but in terms of texture it was just unreal. Definitely a must-try if you're gluten free!

Naked Rice Japanese Katsu Curry

Think of a pot noodle but with rice instead of noodles, and this is basically that. Perfect for an easy lunch, for chucking in your bag to take to the office or for much needed hangover food. Not much else to say really, except for how much I like the fact there three fill lines inside depending on how you want it cooking. Clever!

ASDA Free From Steak & Gravy Pie

Look, it's not as good as an actual pie but it did the job - I had mine with potato waffles and veg and it was just a really nice, warm and filling meal. Definitely something to keep in the freezer for when you want something homely!

Let me know your favourite gluten free products from ASDA, or any other supermarkets...


  1. This all food looks delicious. Such a
    helpful post!

  2. Going to show this to my friend who is on a gluten free diet x

  3. The Asda free from range is great! I always get Joshua's DF bits from there xx

  4. They have such a great range

  5. It's great to see so many super markets providing more Gluten Free options! <3 x

  6. It's amazing that supermarkets are offering such big free from ranges now!

    Gemma Louise