Wednesday 29 May 2019

Top 5 acts to watch at Camden Rocks 2019

Camden Rocks Festival is happening this weekend, with over 400 bands playing across 20 venues - it's going to be massive, and while there's not that many bands on the line up that tickle my pickle, here's my top 5 acts to watch at Camden Rocks 2019...

Deaf Havana obviously. One of my favourite bands of all time and truly fantastic live - read about that here and then go see them at Camden Rocks on the Sunday!

Carl Barat is playing and I've never seen him solo, really, other than a DJ set in a bar in Chester when he let me climb into the DJ booth with him and take selfies - I adore The Libertines and Carl is just a cracking fella so go support him. He's also playing on the Sunday.

Bitch Falcon are really COOL, and I like them a lot - just good, proper, Dublin-based rock. They're playing on the Saturday and you should go check them out for sure.

Shvpes, if you want a bit of metal to wake you up on the Sunday, are who should be watching. I've been listening to them a lot the past few days and loving it, and I think they'd be a lot of fun to see live so if someone could get me into a show at some point this year I'd love that...

Thunder On The Left are a recent discovery for me and I absolutely love them??? Very cool and interesting rock band who met on a Tinder group date, of course, and have gone on to make some pretty sick music.

The thing about festivals like this with so many bands on the bill is that you get to discover so many cool new bands and I hope you all do that, if you're going. Have fun & stay safe kids!

For my top 7 covers, CLICK HERE


  1. I think I need to pay a visit! x

  2. I need to get out and go to something like this! x

  3. Sounds lovely. I never go to anything like this but I love listening to new music acts x

    Lauren |

  4. Oh my gosh I almost forgot that this was this weekend, LOVE Camden Rocks!
    Fran - x

  5. The Pigeon Detectives are still around?! I used to love them! x