Saturday 23 February 2019

Tasting vegan snacks: Bron's Vegan Brownies

As a non-vegan, I've not tried a lot of specifically vegan snacks and treats; there are plenty of accidentally-vegan things that I eat, like Oreos and Skittles and bourbon biscuits, but I've never really gone out of my way to try things with that big vegan label on them. But in the interest of doing my bit for the planet, I thought I might start making some substitutions in my diet starting with the things I snack on.

And that's what this new series was originally intended as - and then I started thinking about my skin, and cutting out dairy, and I've decided I'm going to try and do that. First by cutting down, and eventually by eliminating it from my diet altogether to see if it makes a different to my eczema and acne ridden skin. When I was first thinking about doing this 'tasting vegan snacks' series, I knew vegan brownies were high on my list - then I saw on Yasmin's instagram that she'd ordered from Bron's Vegan Brownies and it kind of made the whole thing a lot easier for me because it meant I didn't have to scout around online for somewhere to order them from. So I placed an order on a Tuesday night, and it arrived on Thursday morning (which I thought was pretty sick).

Bron's Vegan Brownies

The company was set up by Bron after she was diagnosed with M.E - she was housebound and realised she had a passion for baking, as well as veganism. So she's combined the two to create delicious vegan brownies, with 6 core flavours in the range and £1 from each box of 6 full-size brownies is donated to 'Action for M.E', which is amazing. Delivery is free and they fit through your letterbox, so if you're not at home you can still enjoy them when you get in!

a plate of vegan brownies next to a jug of daffodils

The taste test...

When these arrived (really well packaged, I might add) I was dying to try on there and then, so much so that I didn't take any pictures beforehand. I decided to share the moment with my mum and dad; I tried a double choc, mum had a rocky road and dad went for a salted caramel fudge. The double choc brownie was genuinely SO chocolatey but not in a sickly-sweet way, and it was absolutely lush. My dad was suitably impressed with the salted caramel fudge - "really chocolatey, lovely and moist/soft, but not enough salted caramel for my taste - generally very nice though" and my mum loved the rocky road brownie too - "it was lovely, really full of flavour and overwhelmingly fresh considering it came through the post - I wouldn't have known it was vegan, either!"

That left me with two more flavours to try (I didn't get any peanut crunch brownies in my box, because I don't eat peanuts so I'd swapped them out) - Oreo and Biscoff, arguably the two I was most excited about. Both were wonderful, the Oreo more so which was surprising to me as I definitely prefer the taste of Biscoff generally. But they were both really flavoursome and squidgy and lovely.

I personally didn't like the rocky road, because that's just not my kind of thing, but the four other flavours I tried were amazing. Oreo, Biscoff, Double Choc, Salted Caramel Fudge and then Rocky road - that's how I'd rate them in order of best to worst.

The verdict

Would I recommend Bron's Vegan Brownies? For a treat, yes. They're delicious but they are quite expensive - and they're worth the money, they're just not something I could justify splurging on more than once every couple of months. But if you're a vegan who has been craving some good brownies, definitely check them out.

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